Rana Ayyub, the Eternal Author of Gujarat Files, Of Gujarat Files, Gujarat Files and Files…

My name is Rana.. Rana Ayyub, but I still wonder why people call me Bibi. May be their love for me is too much and they choose to give me a nick name close to their heart.


I am the Author of Gujarat Files and I am sure you must have read the book. There are three stages in my Life:

  1. Birth
  2. I am the Author of Gujarat Files
  3. Death

Talking about Death, I even promote my book on dead bodies of humans. Confused? Well, see this tweet:

Apart from Author of Gujarat Files, I am also a journalist. I call myself an unbiased journalist, but mostly issues with Muslims, Minority matter me the most because it makes me a liberal. I am so much worried about the Rohingyas Muslims that I forgot that we had something called “Kashmiri Pandits” in India. Someone just replied to my tweet asking, what about Kashmiri Pandits and I was like What’s that !! Are they humans, if they are humans why are they called Pandits. Are they Minority?? And most importantly have they read my book Gujarat Files.

Anyways, let us forgot Kashmiri Pandits and talk about the important issues of Rohingyas Muslims. Every time I see the photoshoped pictures of Rohingyas Muslim Refugees I burst into tears. I have cried over and over on Twitter for my fellow brothers and sisters of Rohingyas Muslims, they are humans, they should be taken in India. We are peaceful and we should treat everyone with Love.

I feel after 2014, everything has changed. There is no freedom of speech and expression though full day I speak whatever I like on twitter but then I feel there is a situation like emergency in India. I am sorry, emergency by Congress was good, the things happening now are bad. I do not blame congress much for their 60 years of failure but PM Modi, RSS, Amit Shah are all responsible in these three years for whatever India could not achieve. This is the reason I tweet a lot about them!!

It is not that my ideology is inclined towards congress party, it is just that I am irritated to whatever PM Modi and RSS are inclined. My ideology is also inclined towards left and center may be between left and center or wherever I can make a good career. By the way there is one advantage of PM Modi and RSS, that there are more people following me on twitter now, most of them follow me just to troll me, but then yes I have a career. Thank you Modi Ji, hating and spreading venom is indeed helpful.


Sometimes I feel I have RSS-phobia, they seem to be a Hindu Terrorist Organization. Please don’t get me wrong ISIS has nothing to do with religion, nor Bin-Laden Uncle. Anyways, that is all for now, see you on twitter !!

Disclaimer:- The article is only for entertainment purposes and the Author of the website does not intend to malign the image of any person mentioned in the above article