Partial Justice after 22 Years

In India on Friday, 12 March 1993 also know as the Black Friday a series of 13 bomb explosions that took place in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The coordinated attacks were the most destructive bomb explosions in Indian history. This was first of its kind serial-bomb-blasts across world.


At 1:30 pm a powerful car bomb exploded in the basement of the Mumbai Stock Exchange building. About 30 minutes later, another car bomb exploded in front of the Mandvi Branch Corporation Bank near Masjid, and from 1:30 pm to 3:40 pm a total of 13 bombs exploded throughout Mumbai. Most of the bombs were car bombs, but some were in scooters.

Three hotels, the Hotel Sea Rock, Hotel Juhu Centaur, and Hotel Airport Centaur, were targeted by suitcase bombs left in rooms booked by the perpetrators. Banks, the regional passport office, the Air India Building, and a major shopping complex were also hit. Bombs exploded at Zaveri Bazaar, area opposite of Century Bazaar, Katha Bazaar, Shiv Sena Bhavan, and Plaza Theatre. A jeep-bomb at the Century Bazaar exploded. Grenades were also thrown at Sahar International Airport and at Fishermen’s Colony, apparently targeting Hindus at the latter. A double decker bus was very badly damaged in one of the explosions and that single incident accounted for the greatest loss of life – perhaps up to ninety people were killed. The official number of dead was 257 with 1,400 others injured.

Many hundreds of people were arrested and detained in Indian courts. In 2006, 100 of the 129 finally accused were found to be guilty and were convicted by Justice PD Kode of the specially designated TADA court. Many of the 100 are still missing including the main conspirators and masterminds of the attacks – Tiger Memon and Dawood Ibrahim. On 12 September 2006, the special TADA court hearing the case convicted four members of the Memon family for their involvement in the 1993 Mumbai bombings.

Three other members of the Memon family were acquitted by the special TADA court with the judge giving them the benefit of the doubt. The four members of the Memon family are being held after being found guilty on charges of conspiring and abetting acts of terror. All four of them face jail terms from five years in prison to life imprisonment, that will be determined based on the severity of their crime. A day later, the TADA court announced that it would start pronouncing the verdict of the thirty-one people charged with transporting and planting bombs.

Yakub Memon, the brother of prime accused Tiger Memon, was charged for possession of unauthorised arms. After the blasts, family members of Tiger, including Yakub, escaped fromMumbai to Dubai and Pakistan. Correspondents say Tiger Memon owned a restaurant in Mumbai and was allegedly closely associated with Dawood Ibrahim, the chief suspect.

Except for Tiger and his brother Ayub, the entire Memon family returned to India and were promptly arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation in 1994. Since then, Yakub has been in custody. The Memon family was subsequently tried in court and found guilty of conspiracy.

After 22 years finally justice was delivered to the victims of the Mumbai Blast. One of the master minds Yakub Memon was finally given the capital punishment as his birthday present and was hanged in the Nagpur Jail on July 30, 2015 at 0700 hrs.  However this has been a small victory in the big battle against the terrorism.  Now the focus shifts on Tiger Memon and Dawood Ibrahim.