PDP MP Muzaffar Baig’s stands by ‘partition remark’

Standing by his remarks on lynching People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leader Muzaffar Hussain Baig on Saturday and said he would have felt like a coward if he didn’t put forth his point of view.

Reiterating his stance Baig said, “I said something which was very right, had I not said it I would have felt very guilty and coward. Problem of Kashmir is due to partition. We cannot undo the mistake of 1947 but we can do something about mistakes taking place daily.”

Earlier in the day, Baig drew wrath from various political parties over his lynching remark.

He said the PDP had allied with the BJP not for power but to ensure that justice was done to Muslims across the country and to the Kashmiri people.

“We allied with the BJP so that they can trust Muslims. We allied with the BJP so that justice is done to Muslims and Kashmiris and talks with Pakistan can take place,” he added.

PDP president Mehbooba Mufti on Saturday brought back Muzaffar Hussain Baig, the party’s co-founder, former deputy chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir and Lok Sabha MP, to the centre stage. Sparking a controversy during his first public appearance alongside Mehbooba, Baig warned that if the ruling BJP ‘doesn’t stop killing people in the name of cows,’ India will stare at another partition.

“Even people seen walking with cows are being lynched. There is fear among the Muslims of India,” Baig said, while addressing thousands of PDP workers on the 19th foundation day of the party held at the Sher-e-Kashmir Park in Srinagar.

“We want to tell the prime minister that the killing of Muslims in the name of the cow and cow slaughter must stop. The lynching of Muslims should be stopped. If this continues, the country may face a split once again.” Baig added.

While thousands of PDP workers thronged the venue for the function, at least seven MLAs and two MLCs were missing. However, their absence was overshadowed by the participation of a large number of people, particularly from south Kashmir, and from the constituency of Baig.

Baig while reacting to various incidents of mob lynching and killings in the name of cow vigilantism said, “the killings of Muslims in the name of cows and buffaloes should be stopped otherwise the outcome will not be good, There has already been a partition in 1947,”