When people failed to understand Mamata Banerjee’s Art?

Last evening the nation witnessed the very first Indian team of any age group, male or female play at a FIFA world Cup, when the blue colts went out against USA in a group A encounter of FIFA U-17 World Cup. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also present at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium to witness the historic moment and encourage the young boys. FIFA U17 World Cup is the first FIFA event taking place in India and as expected the entire nation is in football fever.

But apart from everything inside the pitch something outside of the pitch is also catching the attention of the people. A headless sculpture has been put up just in-front of the entrance of Salt Lake Stadium, which is one of the venues for the tournament and will host the finals.

The sculpture is basically of a footballer without the upper body. In place of the upper body, a logo of Biswa Bangla(global Bengal) campaign has been placed on the waist of the sculpture. But people on social media did not seem to be liking the sculpture designed and conceptualized by none other than the Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee.

It seems like the amount of art in the sculpture is too high for laymen. People instead of praising this great artifact which can be compared to any great art piece around the world, actually trolled it. Indeed Indians don’t deserve such great art, and it should be immediately deported to a country where people will actually understand the great piece of art.

This is not the first time Indians have failed to understand the great talent of Mamata Banerjee. They have even made fun of her poems which were included into syllabus. Very few people in India understand art and culture. There was only one man in this whole country who actually understood the universal art of Mamata Banerjee, he was none other than supremo of Sharada group, Sudipto Sen. But unfortunately he is now behind the bars.

What’s the future of art in a country where people make fun of Mamata Banerjee’s artifacts and Ram Gopal Verma’s films? This is the question we should be asking today. But people are not interested in discussing these important issues today.

May God/Allah /Bhagwan save this Country/Mulk/Desh (I’m so secular).