Perception building, Western Media v/s Lutyens Media

There was an important news which went unnoticed by the MSM, a gun man dressed in all black opened fire on a busy street in Toronto. The result was two people died, and 12 got injured including a young girl. The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Tredeau condemned the attack and prayed for the speedy recovery of the injured.

How did the MSM react to this? There was no “Canada is unsafe for people” narrative built upon, no prime-time debates which called “Canada the gun violence capital of the world”. They saw it as an one off incident, and moved on. Probably the reports would say that, a misguided, depressed youth shot at people with the religion of the accused not getting revealed. This is what happens when the media in the country cares about the global image of the country!

Let’s take US for example. The Las Vegas shoot-out in 2017 got 59 innocent people getting killed, and 851 people getting injured. This magnitude of injuries and death calls for a nationwide outrage against the government. The Americans should have gone to Twitter, and called the US the most unsafe country on the planet, the celebs should have issued a statement saying how they’re planning to leave the country as it is no longer safe.

The recent Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Florida shooting saw a “depressed youth” open fire at a school killing seventeen students and staff members and injuring seventeen others. This happened on February 14th 2018, a day on which Indians would only read about moral policing by the right wing fringe groups, on a Left leaning news media.

American killed by guns from 2014-2017 : 56,755

With such high fatality numbers one would expect other countries to issue travel advisory for visiting the US. But that’s not how the world functions. The US doesn’t gets labelled as the “Gun violence capital of the world” and the American dream remains intact. The US media dismisses such acts of terror as just minor incidents, and the report doesn’t become a major story across the globe.

The Indian media, especially the Left leaning English digital media, takes pride in showing the country in the worst possible light. Take for instance, the Kathua rape case. Barkha Dutt doesn’t think twice before writing an opinion piece on the Washington Post, titled “Hindu ‘nationalists’ defend accused rapists and shame India“. The article gets shared on Social Media, and political propagandists masquerading as centrists share the article and claim how India’s image is deteriorating globally.

If one looks at the above tweet, one is bound to have the impression that the story was covered by Washington Times, but only when does he look deeper into the news article he finds that it was an opinion piece written by an Indian journalist, with an Anti-Modi bias, Barkha Dutt.

The Indian mainstream media doesn’t let Indians feel good about their own country. The want the people to feel disgusted and embarrassed with everything that is Indian. This is what happens when the Liberal Indian news media copies exactly the same narrative from it’s Western counterpart. But there’s one thing that these Lutyens media don’t take a cue from the West, protecting the country’s global image. Lutyens media is virtually race with each other to tarnish the country’s image on a global scale.

The ripple effect of such an anti-Indian reporting is that India becomes an unsafe country in the eyes of the tourists, and the footfalls to the country decreases. One major after effect of such propaganda was the Switzerland Squash champion choosing not to come to India citing safety reasons. The Lutyens media needs to learn from the West on how to protect the country’s interest and global image. The West has heaps of problems.

Get this fact straight : statistically the  probability of getting raped and shot in the US  is more than India.

But the global image of these two countries are very different. One is perceived as the Utopia, where dreams come true, and the other is a third world developing nation where girls get raped.

Perception building is as important as nation building. We have a population of more than 125 crore, it’s a miracle that we are still functioning as a democracy. There haven’t been any reports of mass gun shootings, for most part of the past 70 years we have remained civil-war free. Indians are, and have always been tolerant and peace loving. But the Lutyens media in it’s desperation to bring their masters to throne, are playing a very dangerous game. You might hate Modi and BJP, but don’t let that hate consume you and in the end you start hating the country and Hindus! This will only lead to irreparable damage the country has ever seen!

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