PFI terror tapes asking Islamic Extremist to Poison water of Kumbh Mela & kill all non-Muslims

The Popular Front of India (PFI) is an Islamic fundamentalist organisation. The various allegations on PFI include connections with various Islamic terrorist groups, possessing arms, kidnapping, murder, intimidation, hate campaign, rioting and various acts of Islamic extremism.

It is also alleged to have connection with the Terrorist Organisation SEMI (Student Islamic Movement of India). It is once again alleged to be part of a major suspicious terrorist activity and this time there are shocking videos against it. PFI terror tapes have been released by CNN News 18, in which the Islamic terrorist have called out to poison the Hindu Pilgrimage Kumbh Mela water.  It also is educating to kill Non-Muslims in Truck attacks similar to carried out in wester countries.

The video would not be a surprise for many as in past as well many PFI Members have been charged for Islamic Extremism. In 2012, The Kerala government informed the Kerala High Court in an affidavit, that Popular Front of India had active involvement in 27 murder cases, mostly of cadres of CPI-M and RSS. In Jan 2011, Kerala Police has filed a charge sheet against 27 alleged PFI activists in conjunction with an incident in which they chopped the hand off of a Kerala professor who had offended the religious sentiments of his students.

There is no doubt that Audio clip instigates Islamic Extremists to fight till all non-Muslims are killed.

(Inputs: CNN News 18, Wikipedia)