PIL Rejected by SC On Rahul Gandhi British Citizenship was Fake-Read Full

Yesterday, twitter and other social media was filled with news that Subramanian Swamy’s PIL on Rahul Gandhi British Citizenship was rejected by Supreme court. In fact, few of the media houses and #Presstitutes took this opportunity to defend their pay masters. This has nothing to do with Swamy’s PIL and Jagdish Shetty sir has clearly exposed the vested interest behind such fake PIL’s ,which are rejected by Supreme Court of India. So here is the full story.


Today there is some news that a PIL on the Rahul Gandhi British Citizenship was rejected by Supreme Court.

Some vested interest want to interpret that it means Dr Swamy’s charges against Rahul Gandhi has been rejected and that there is no basis for the charges against Rahul.

This is NOT the truth.

Normally filing PILs takes lot of time & research. It is NOT that easy,.

First before filing PILs one has to write to the concerned Govt agencies and ask them to act and if they fail to act within reasonable time then we have options after reminders and other actions to move the appropriate court with all the material and argue the case forcibly.

In the case of Rahul Gandhi Citizenship Dr Swamy exposed this scam only on 16th Nov 2015,He also wrote to the PM and Speaker of the Lok Sabha.

The PIL was not filed by Dr Swamy.

Many publicity seekers in haste to get publicity or mileage or to serve vested interests file PILs in hurry and mess it up.

It appears Somebody filed the present PIL in a hurry without original research and based on perhaps half baked facts and papers and without adequate time to Govt. agencies to act so that the Court could intervene in the matter and appreciate and take action,

Most of the times such pre-mature approach to the Courts are dismissed and vested interests can then claim that see that Court too has also rejected the PIL.

Even on Ram Setu numerous PILS some even genuine ones were rejected by the Courts till Dr Swamy entered the scene and filed his PIL and got stay and ultimately saved the Ram Setu.

Even on the 2G corruption scam, many other PILs were rejected but Dr Swamy won and showed the world and saved the Nation of Rs.1,76,000 crores and all the licenses were cancelled. Even on other PILs Dr Swamy has most of the time been successful.

So be beware of such hasty and premature PILs and dont judge Dr Swamy’s efforts based on other people half-baked action.

Dr Swamy knows how to handle PILs and corruption cases and he devises his own strategy and action.

Many PILS are sometimes filed to serve vested interests too, so beware.

Dr Swamy is Independent and the Master of his own action and NOT responsible for others people mis-adventures and action.