Pilot reiterates he’s not joining BJP, Congress softens pitch

The Congress party appears to have soften its pitch against rebel leader Sachin Pilot after he clarified that he is still very much a Congressman and not going to join the BJP. While interacting to the media this morning, Pilot made it clear that he is still in Congress and claimed that the chatter of him joining the BJP is an exercise “to malign him with the Gandhis.” Ever since then, Congress leader also appear to be softening their pitch, which till yesterday was very high.

A tweet by Avinash Pande, who holds charge of Rajasthan for the central party, said “For Pilot, the door is still open. I hope he realizes his mistake and eschews the BJP’s tactics.”

From the current situation, it appears like Sachin Pilot has failed in his attempted coup. His rival and the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot is very confident about having support of as many as 106 MLAs of the party, five more than the majority mark.

As per reports, Initially Sachin Pilot had under his ranks around 30 MLAs, a number which was sufficient enough to topple the government. But since then, many seem to have changed their minds.

As per the reports, even if Sachin Pilot is given a second chance in the Congress, his career in the state of Rajasthan is pretty much over for the time being. Ashok Gehlot, the trusted satrap of the Gandhis in the state, has no mood to allow him back after his attempted coup. It remains to be seen where Pilot’s political career heads from here on. Prospects of him starting a party of his own or even joining the BJP despite denying so at the moment, can’t be ruled out either.