Piyush Goyal’s Awesome Conversation With David Letterman Shows How India Is Leading The World In Solar Energy

David Letterman, a renowned American TV talk show host, who is running his special documentary series – Years of Living Dangerously on Natioanal Geographic, and is about to get his interview aired with Prime Minister Narendra Modi soon, met Power Minister Piyush Goyal.

Goyal said that asking India to limit the use of coal is not justified, least from the developed nations who are blatantly wasting energy. Citing America’s example, Goyal said: “In New York lights are on the whole night, there are offices where not a single person is working, but all lights are on.” He also took the example of US president’s residence. “The street lights at the White House are lit all the day, why? And we are being told not to use coal.” Watch the Video below: