Plot to kill Kannada Journalist, Columnist and Author Rohit Chakrateertha?

A plot to murder Kannada Columnist and Author Shri Rohit Chakrateertha by former media advisor to the Chief Minister – Dinesh Aminmattu has been unearthed.

Rohit Chakrateertha – known for sharp and incisive criticism of the Congress party is a highly respected Kannada columnist and author. He is known for his versatile writings from Kannada literature, science and throwing insights into history through his articles and authoring several books.

This plot to kill Rohit came to limelight when B.R.Bhaskar Prasad – A Dalit leader and an Aam Aadmi Party leader, who unsuccessfully contested the assembly polls held in Karnataka recently had posted on his Facebook wall on June 1st-2018.

‘Hosa Digantha’ – Kannada daily was the first one to report this in its front page today.

Close Confidante of Dinesh Aminmattu

The Facebook post from B.R.Bhaskar Prasad assumes significance as Dinesh Aminmattu – the controversial media advisor of the Chief Minister and B.R.Bhaskar Prasad are said to be constantly in touch with each other.

In his post B.R.Bhaskar Prasad said:

“Annoyed and pained by the incessant writings against him by Rohit Chakrateertha; Aminmattu,had given his personal credentials (phone number, address). These details were messaged to a certain person. Those who are supporting Aminmattu can ask him directly that to whom did he message the credentials of Rohit”

(Translation of Kannada post by B R Bhaskar Prasad)

Rohit: Relentless warrior against Corruption; Balanced view point

Rohit, who had exposed the misdeeds of the earlier Congress Government through a series of articles, has more than 31,000 followers in Facebook profile. Rohit’s articles are: factual, contains verifiable statistics, brilliant comparisons, analytical and contains light humour. The prolific writer/author – is a down to earth personality and has a balanced view point. His criticism of the BJP leaders for being a failed ‘Opposition party’ in Karnataka and some of his Facebook posts prove that he is not a ‘baiter’ of the Congress

Our View

“If the allegations of B R Bhaskar Prasad were indeed true, then SatyaVijayi strong criticizes such a move and requests the State Police to take strong action against the perpetrators. SatyaVijayi would strongly support Rohit Chakrateertha and reiterates its stand for an impartial and non-interfering inquiry. Such sinister attempts to curb down an honest and strong voice against corruption; political grandstanding through dubious means and in cahoots with anti social elements is a blot to Journalism and deserves the harshest condemnation”

Rohit Chakrateertha has been an active columnist in our website as well and we condemn these allegations. We request an impartial investigation to uproot truth and till then, provide him police protection.