PM Modi Gave an Amazing Tribute to Pandit Nehru, Which will Burn Sonia and Rahul-Video

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday took pledge to reopen all those files which the former Prime Ministers of UPA government never did. He said, “On Pandit ji’s bday, I pledge to reopen those files which his party and family PMs never did. It’s my tribute.”

The PM while addressing a public gathering in Ghazipur stated that India has no shortage of wealth, the question is who has this wealth. Modi said, “I, today, want to say to the former PM Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru that your family and party abuse me but I am here to complete work undone from your time.”

PM on demonetisation:

  • Political parties are agitated because they are not able to understand what they should do with their black money.
  • I know the country is facing problems and I too am working day and night for you all.
  • Demonetisation has put a ban to those who were injecting the fake currency into the nation from the other side of the border.
  • Your sacrifices would earn you a better and developed India.
  • I assure all sisters and mothers of the country that not a single penny of yours would be taken away by government. The money you deposit today would be returned to you with interest for your daughter’s marriage.
  • I only ask for 50 days and if I fail, I am ready to be punished by the people of my country.

PM launches a scathing attack on other parties:

  • What did the Congress do for 19 months during the Emergency? They made this nation a prison for the sake of Indira Gandhi’s prime ministerial post.
  • Congress extorted money in 1972, now they protest. How dare corrupt Congress call me corrupt?
  • They are misguiding my people that I have created problems for them but I promise that no body would face any problem because of this decision.
  • I had promised you that our Government will end corruption and I am heading towards it.
  •  I will never let anyone loot the money that belongs to the poor of India.
  • They ask me which law gave me the permission to ban currency notes. When you had banned 25 paisa during your tenure, under which law were you allowed to do so?

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