PM Modi has less than Rs 50,000 cash-in-hand, owns assets worth Rs 2.28 crore

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cash-in-hand dropped by 67 per cent to Rs 48,944 as of March 31, 2018, from Rs 150,000 he had same time in the previous year, disclosures made by the government show. In contrast, during 2016-17, the PM’s cash-in-hand had risen by 67 per cent from Rs 89,700 recorded in the year ago filings.

However, the gross total value of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s financial assets is over Rs 2.28 crore as on March 31, 2018. This includes movable assets worth Rs 1,28,50,498 and the current market value of PM Modi’s residential property in Gandhinagar – worth Rs 1 crore.

In immovable assets, PM Modi has just one property — a one-fourth share in a residential building in Gandhinagar. The property was purchased in October 2002 for Rs 1,30,488.

Over the years the prime minister, invested Rs 2,47,208 into the property and its current value is approximately Rs 1 crore.