PM Modi has played a Masterstoke with NIT Srinagar and Pathankot Investigations; Here’s How

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Narendra Modi Ji in his life might have had many such events, where people would have showered unending praises on him. He deserves it. But this time with anti-nationals becoming hero, Pakistan probe team trying to shame India and NIT Srinagar nationalist students facing problems, even his hardcore supporters are waiting for his tough action. Modi supporters are openly criticizing him over social media. But my view on these 2 events on work done by PM Modi is different. You can support me, criticize me but definitely give your opinion on this.

  1. First issue or event where PM modi is being criticized a lot recently is the latest NIT Srinagar student issue, where patriot nationalistic students have been lathi-charged by police and local government, where BJP is part of coalition is not doing anything.
  2. Second one is one in which opposition is trying to make a big issue. They say that under PM Modi’s rule, Pakistan have shamed India. Government is being blamed for allowing Pakistan team, which included an ISI agent to visit the Pathankot air base. The NIA showed evidence of Pakistani involvement in terror attack and after this, Pakistan is blaming India and calling Pathankot as India sponsored/planned attack. This is being projected as failure of foreign policy of current nationalistic government headed by PM Modi by opposition and many Modi followers are also not sure how Modi let it happen.


My view on both of these events or issues is different. Lets talk about NIT issue first.

By Now, I have discussed with many people in and outside the media, who are directly or indirectly associated with NIT Srinagar or coverage of this issue. After my discussion with these people, one thing is clear that an environment of fear for nationalists in NIT Srinagar is not just 1-2 weeks old issue, but it has been same for years. Students of NIT Srinagar have themselves confirmed and agreed that their seniors have faced more serious and harsh situation than what they are facing. I, being from NIT Nagpur 2005 batch student myself, have seen many students opting for NIT to NIT transfer after first year citing fear of life and joining other NIT’s across India.

Secondly, the responsibility of security of NIT Srinagar students lies with police of Jammu and Kashmir Police(Official responsibility). Next, Jammu and Kashmir has been always been ruled by regional Muslim(100%) parties like NC and PDP alone or their alliance with Congress. This is the first government with good Hindu & Sikh representation.

Anyone who is following the news would confirm that the administration has tried to pressure students this time. This is not the first time this has happened. Administration has been suppressing any such issue for years now. This is the first time that injustice done to Non-Kashmiri students is being highlighted in front of the entire world.

According to me, this is possible only because of current government in J&K which intends to not hide anything and to expose the anti-nationals. Now, whole India knows the kind of pathetic treatment that Kashmiris dole on non-Kashmiri students while expecting to be treated like a prince in other parts of India.

Even after this support from center, students are in such a state of fear that they are ready to talk but no one is interested in displaying his/her face or coming out openly. By HMO Rajnath Singh’s orders, NIT Srinagar is now under control of CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force). Has any other government in the past done this?(CRPF is controlled and owned by central government).

Tension Prevail In Srinagar NIT After Clash Over Cricket Match Result

People have blamed Modi Government and/or Jammu and Kashmir Government where BJP is in coalition with PDP, but I feel that they should be given credits instead of blame.

Why? Because the mere presence of Modi in the center has pumped courage and confidence in the minds of the students to protest against Kashmiri intolerance (Because they knew that Government will help them unlike governments of the past). Not only that, the injustice done with NIT Srinagar alumni in the past is also being highlighted now. We know now that there is a problem in NIT Srinagar. Once the problem is highlighted, the solution quickly follows.

Now, the second point, which is about foreign policy decision with Pakistan by Modi Government. The way the mainstream media reported about the leaked JIT report by Pakistan after their visit to Pathankot airbase, it seems India has made a blunder. Even Modi Supporters are blaming and questioning Modi’s foreign policy with Pakistan. But the real truth is that Modi Government should be praised for this step.

There are many dimensions in International level diplomacy. Every action you take has many repercussions and you can see & present it through many different perspectives. In the past, even though India kept stating that India-Pakistan relations are between the two countries, Pakistan has constantly tried to bring in other nations into the discussions.

According to me, PM Modi has played a masterstroke. He has made the investigation 2 sided (between India and Pakistan). World has seen that how India has handed over and even demonstrated proofs to Pakistan but in return, Pakistan did not even investigate properly. And they are not allowed India to investigate. This step has completely expose Pakistan in International forum in the eyes of the remaining neutral countries of the world.


Next, many Indians felt that India has somehow compromised national security by allowing the Pakistani team that included the ISI official to visit India. But how did the national security problem arise? Pakistani officials have been shown only the area where the attack happened. Can Pakistan attack other areas by seeing Pathankot air base where attack happened? Did Pakistan somehow win Kashmir by this?

The truth of the matter is that even the Pakistani team has accepted that they were not shown anything except what India felt was important for the investigation. Neither were they allowed to meet any soldiers of India. But the whole world now knows that it is Pakistan that is against the peace process.

Furthermore, Modi is not someone who has linear thought. He is someone who comes up with ideas that others don’t even imagine. By allowing Pakistan to come and investigate the crime scene of the terrorist attack, India has now created pressure on Pakistan to either let India investigate properly by coming to Pakistan OR face international shame. This is evident by the phone call Ajit Doval had with the Pakistan NSA where he clearly told Pakistan to reject statements made by their team or face consequences.


If people think over these points, they would understand that these are big steps taken by Indian government. These would have medium to long term benefits for India on the international level. Hence, it is important that instead of attacking the Modi government, we should be happy with the positive attitude and the out of box thinking by the government. It is easy to hide behind walls and ignore your weakness, but it takes strength to turn your weakness into a strength.

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