PM Modi look-alike to contest against him from Varanasi

Abhinandan Pathak, a look alike of Prime Minster Narendra Modi will be up against him from Varanasi as an independent candidate.

Pathak said that if he wins the Lok Sabha elections, he would support Congress party president Rahul Gandhi’s candidature for prime minister.

“After winning, I’ll support Rahul Gandhi’s PM candidature,” Abhinandan Pathak said.

Abhinandan Pathak defected from the BJP-led NDA constituent Republican Party of India last year and joined the Congress, claiming that PM Modi’s promise of “acche din aayenge” (happy days will come) was just an electoral gimmick.

“Acche din nahi aayenge (happy days will not come),” Pathak had said before joining the grand old party in October last year ahead of the Assembly elections.

“Since I look like Modiji, people will always ask me where are the ‘acche din’ (good days), as promised by him ahead of the 2014 Lok Sabha election. I was hurt witnessing the problems of the common man, so I left the BJP’s ally to join the Congress,” Pathak had said.

Earlier it was reported that Pathak could contest against Home Minister Rajnath Singh from Lucknow.