PM Modi Meets Shyamdev Rai Choudhary

During road show in Varanasi, PM Modi when went to Kashi Vishwanath Temple he saw Shyamdev Rai Choudhary standing outside. PM Modi hold his hand and took him inside the temple. For FYI, Shyamdev Rai Chaudary had been minister for seven times from south. And this time, BJP did not allowed him to run in election which is why Shyamdev is upset.

When election ticket was not issued to Shyamdev Rai chaudary that time local people were disappointed and considered it as UNFORTUNATE. Being winner for constant seven times, he is very popular in his region.

UP election result could be very surprising.

Election analyst and Social activist, Dr Anand Prakash said,” People of Kashi are silent but silence got a meaning. This time RESULTS will be very shocking. “