PM Modi Congratulates Sushma’s speech at UN. Here is what he said praising her speech……

PM Modi Congratulates Sushma's speech at UN. Here is what he said praising her speech......

Intense and clinical can be apt description of Sushma Swaraj’s Speech at the parleys of United Nation General Assembly.

Addressing the UNGA, Swaraj emphasised that to maintain the ‘centrality and legitimacy’ of UN, the reformation of security council and inclusion of developing nations in the decision making of UN is incumbent.

“This is the need of the hour. How can we have a Security Council in 2015 which still reflects the geo-political architecture of 1945? How can we have a Security Council which still does not give place as a permanent member to Africa and Latin America?,” she questioned

On bilateral ties with Pakistan, Swaraj said that India was ready for a dialogue with Pakistan based on just one point, “give up terror,” and will address all outstanding issues if it gets a positive response.

On India’s peacekeeping operations, Swaraj said it has been India’s view that these operations cannot substitute for political solutions, a fact that has been underscored by the High Level Independent Panel as well.

With this powerful and inclusive message of Swaraj, PM Modi was seen tweeting words of praises for her. This is indeed encouraging and an epitome of good team and leadership.