PM Modi Rushes to Hospital To Meet The People Who Got Injured During His Mega Rally in Bengal

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting of farmers at West Bengal’s Medinipur city. Despite nonstop rain from past several days, a huge crowd gathered at the college ground to listen to the Prime Minister.

From his address, Prime Minister reminded the crowd about the works done by his government in the interests of farmers. However an unpleasant incident happened during the Prime Minister’s speech when one of the tents that were put up to protect crowd from rain, collapsed. 15 to 30 people who were standing beneath the tent, sustained heavy injuries and were immediately rushed to a nearby hospital. As it started collapsing, Prime Minister stopped his speech to urge people to be safe and ordered his security personnel to take care of those injured. “Those who have climbed up, please get down, all of you….please climb down.

Those standing up there, please get down. Don’t run,” PM Modi appealed, asking people to get off the stage and move to safety. Showing his brilliant management skills, Prime Minister Narendra Modi calmed down the panic situation by making the crowd chant patriotic slogans such as ‘Bharat Mata ki Jay’ and ‘Vande Mataram’. Prime Minister later resumed his speech after the situation returned back to normalcy. From his speech he took a jibe at the hoardings and posters of Mamata Banerjee which were pasted along his route, by saying that the Chief Minister herself welcomed him with folded hands.

He also claimed that within few months, West Bengal will get liberation from the misrule of TMC. He said that West Bengal is only looking for an opportunity to rid of the TMC. After finishing the Speech, Prime Minister went straight to the hospital to meet with injured. He personally interacted with all the injured and assured them of proper treatment. One of the injured women at hospital, asked the Prime Minister for his autograph and he obliged.