PM Modi’s Speech on 9/11 Student convention may be new to India, but that is the quality of a Swayamsevak

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech on the eve of 125th year celebration of Swami Vivekananda Speech in Chicago may be new to India, but for Swayamsevak’s, it is their real quality.

PM’s Speech on September 11th on the theme “Young India, New India” in a student convention in New Delhi had set a new milestone in the arena of speeches by politicians. We Indians have seen Leaders for past 70 years, who used to add political spice even in weddings; Prime Minister who hailed from Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, inherited its qualities in the speech which he delivered.

The convention was gathered to celebrate 125th year of Swami Vivekananda Speech in Chicago and 100th year birth year of Pandit Deendayal Upadyaya. Those who knew these mahans will understand that PM had blended their ideas into ready made format so that students can understand easily. Unfortunately we never had chance to read about this mahapurushas in our school education. That is why our PM gave the speech in a mixture that correlate the ideas of this both great personalities.

This had struck when PM  highlighted the point. “It’s our fault that we have forgotten our history of 9/11, which India gave to the world. If we had not erased this memory the destructive 9/11 would not have happened.” Of course the idea of Pandit Deendayal Upadyaya is also the same. He stressed the need of knowing past. He used to say neglecting the past is the root of all problems.

In modern era, politicians use each and every public space to shoot out their opponent. But being an idealist, our PM didn’t utter a single word to criticize the opponent. Rather he concentrated more on his aspirations about clean India, skill development, vision for New India, Women Empowerment etc. Pandit Deendayal Upadyaya Ji dreamt of changing the opportunism in politics, PM kept a step ahead of his dream. After Independence till now we are at crossroads. The policies that our previews government adopted are the main reason. This speech can be seen as seed that his new India want to proceed.

Pandit Deendayal Upadyaya Ji viewed the concept of labor from humanitarian eye than seeing them as wealth. Likewise PM saw the future pillars of Bharath as a vibrant power that can shape India’s march towards super power. Pandit Deendayal Upadyaya Ji spoke more about inclusion of labor into the system than exploitation. He gave a third view apart from socialism and capitalism. He suggest a dharmic view to treat the workers. This attention towards Individual is also foreseen in PM’s Speech. He went on by saying “We are not healthy because of doctors, but because of those who clean hospital”.

When we think about Swami Vivekananda, we feel proud that he had changed the mindset of westerners about India. But there are some Indians who used to criticize our country everywhere. We have seen many Member of Parliaments of Congress, Communist and DMK who signed letters stating not to provide US Visa for PM Modi. Latest and the great Congress tamasha, Rahul Gandhi is that he is trying to ridicule PM and India in abroad.

PM Modi pinched a remark, that was the character of Swami Vivekananda. He used to speak about the pride, ideas knowledge of Bharath in Abroad, while in India he used to speak about our problems and issues that we are facing. PM stressed that youths of India should learn this character from him.

The main part of his speech is the part which highlights his integrity. If I want to comment about PM Modi’s integrity, it was voice of every Swayamsevak. Of course small incident which was said by PM in his Guajarati book called “Jyoti Punj” (meaning beams of light). In this book he narrates the story of 16 men who inspired him. He writes of Guruji in essay on the title “Pujaniya Shri Guruji”. Once at Sangh shisha Varga in Nagpur, a person came from Belgaum.

Guruji asked him “The same place that people are fighting over?”

The man said “yes”

“Which side are you on??” Guruji asked

He replied “I favor going to Maharashtra.”

Guruji gave back him saying “Brother Swayamsevak’s are always on one side alone, that is the Nationalist side, we don’t permit any other side here.

Please pack your stuff and return. I’ll make you arrangements.

This is the quality that Guruji had watered the plants who are now called true Swayamsevak’s. His acts are the lessons that are still prevailing. The moral of this incident is, Swayamsevak’s should not see differences in languages or religion or caste or small or big. He emphasized unity in diversity. In the era of language caste extremism (thanks to Nehruvian socialist ideology) PM insists integrity by learning or studying other state culture. This include translation of literature learning arts culture dress food etc.

For example Haryana will be hosting Tamil Nadu Day by having Bharatnatyam, Dhoti, and food in banana leaf, watching movie, Translated Thirukural in native language of Haryana. When opposition are spreading poison in the atmosphere, PM in his unique way attracting the youths as the pillar of future India to build New India. From this initiative it is visible that PM Modi is keen on initiating ideas that he learned from RSS. This portrays the quality of a swayamsevak too.

An hour long speech which speaks more about pride that each and every citizen should feel. In these three years as PM the view of Bharath have entirely changed because of his innovative ideas, electric thinking cap and the success of his diplomacy. If we go through the full text or video clips of his speech we can’t find a single stance of negativity. This is the simple message he wants to deliver.

This Speech can be used as a tool about the qualities and knowledge that PM learned from RSS. This can bring a positive approach towards Sangh and its parivar. Let Congress, Communist, Media and Pseudo Liberals criticize PM, people are started to realize his vision. He is determined in Jan Sewa that these mahapurusahs refers to.

I conclude by his words, he is worth for it “Pooja paath se Bhagwan nahi miltey, Sewa karo Prabhu prapt hote hai” (You don’t go close to god by prayers and rituals but he will come to you when you do service to people). Yes PM Narendra Modi is serving India, We need to understand and join hands with him to build “New India”.

Finally I would like to conclude, it is clear that PM Modi from August 15th changed his attitude from “Chalta hai” to positive approach “Bhadal sakhta hai”. It is the time to ask ourselves how far we have adopted this idea!!!