PM Narendra Modi Dares The Opposition In Video Message, Says Opposition Wants To Remove Him

In his strongest ever counter attack to the Opposition’s charges, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a video message to the BJP cadre, criticised the Opposition for “peddling lies after lies” and accused it of wanting to remove him as it can not accept a poor man as the PM of India.

In the video, PM Modi said that the “Opposition can not understand how so many dalits and SC/ST can be leaders & MP in BJP. This is why they are spreading an atmosphere of violent opposition.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said their opposition to him is turning “increasingly violent” due to the fact that people born in backward castes are in the country’s top positions and also attributed their discomfort to BJP’s rising strength.

His remarks also come on the backdrop of violent protests during a ‘Bharat bandh’ this week that rocked the country and left at least 11 people dead. He made the speech through his app and also took some questions from party’s office bearers.

While ending his video message, he urged the BJP workers to not lose their sense and balance and to work for the people of India.