Is PM Narendra Modi’s Hindutva image taking a dent like Atal Bihari Vajpayee?

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) was in the power for the first time with full majority. Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the leader of the government, he was trying his best to develop the country. Everything was in his favor, every person seemed to be in the favor of the NDA government. The election of 2004 was coming closer, but there was nothing to be worried about for the BJP led NDA.

Everything was going smoothly but then something happened. Something no one thought would happen, the BJP led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) lost to Congress led United Progressive Alliance (UPA). The Atal government was rejected, the slogan of Shining India was rejected but why? This question haunted the BJP for an entire decade.

The main reason as believed by experts was the ultra secularization of the BJP. The BJP carved out a way for itself in an era when only Congress was considered to be the only party worthy of ruling the country. In those times BJP rose to a position where it became the direct opponents of the mighty legend known as The Indian National Congress. A position the Congress party thought no other party will ever reach to. What made BJP stand out from other parties and made it able to be seen as an alternative to the Congress was It’s ideology.

Where the Congress was an ultra secular party, which was often seen as Muslim appeasement. BJP on the other hand was pro Hindu, it was in favor of the rights of the majority community. It had a completely different ideology, a different point of view on the idea of India something different from the Nehruvian idea’s.

The BJP (formerly Jan Sangh) relaunched itself with the Ramjanmabhoomi movement. It never denied its links with the RSS and was openly in support of the Hindu Rights. In its initial days BJP lost few elections but those defeats did not made BJP to change its stance on the Ramjanmabhoomi movement or on the subject of Hindutwa, it kept an non compromising stance. Gradually people started believing them, slowly the BJP was growing and finally they dethroned the mighty Congress.

By then BJP made an identity for itself, the identity was simple, It was a Hindu party. The thing which distinguished BJP from Congress was that it was a pro Hindu party. But just after BJP came to power it slowly started becoming more and more secular, because of which the party was losing its identity. The BJP without Hindutva is like Congress, something which BJP understood too late.

At the 2004 elections there was no real  difference between the BJP and the Congress on ideological lines. After the defeat BJP finally understood its mistakes, and they slowly reverted back to its pro Hindu stance, yet it took them an entire decade to come back to the power, when in 2014 this time under the leadership of Narendra Modi it white washed the Congress and became the new Leading party of the Indian politics. The atmosphere was same, the Hindutva was in the air as the Hindu people trusted the BJP again.

And then, The BJP are now making the same mistakes it did a long decade back under Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The BJP is again going secular, which is again harming the pro Hindu image and identity of the party. The biggest issue this time is the losing trust of loyal Hindu voters in Narendra Modi, the person who was once seen as the poster boy of Hindutva.

PM Modi recently condemned the vandalism of the Gau Rakshak’s openly he did so last year also but it raise a lot of questions when he keeps silence over Basirhat or Amaranth Yatra attacks. The Hindus who have long been target of the Muslim appeasement politics, who have long been neglected not only by the secular political leaders but by the intellectual class. They have long been blamed for everything, they were fed up with the selective behavior towards them, and in Narendra Modi they saw a messiah.

They have a long list of expectations from the Modi government including the much pending Magnificent temple at Ramjanmabhoomi. They thought Narendra Modi was going to be different.