PM relief fund money diverted to Rajiv Gandhi Foundation between 2005-2008: JP Nadda hits out at Cong

BJP Chief JP Nadda on Saturday attacked Congress party alleging that the money received in PM National Relief Fund (PMNRF) between 2005-2008 was diverted to Rajiv Gandhi Foundation (RGF).

Addressing a press conference here, he launched a scathing attack on Congress party and alleged that under the UPA regime, many central ministries, and PSUs were forced to give money to the RGF.

“During UPA regime various central ministries and PSUs like SAIL, GAIL, SBI, others were pressurized to give money to the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. RGF took hefty donations from major Indian corporates, but their rhetoric was for the poor people. Wasn’t this quid pro quo of the purest form?” said Nadda.

“Why did the PMNRF money, which is meant to serve the people and provide relief to them, went to the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation between 2005-2008? The people of our country want to know the answer,” he added.

Nadda said the auditor of the PMNRF was Rameshwar Thakur, then Union MoS of Finance and the public money was compromised.
“Who is the auditor of the PMNRF? The auditor was Rameshwar Thakur, then Union MoS of Finance and he was MP of Rajya Sabha for two terms and was Governor of four states. This is how public money is compromised. He was the auditor for decades. The country wants to know why such a man was made the auditor of PM National Relief Fund?,” he said.

“A trustee in the PM National Relief Fund was also the President of the Congress Party,” he added.

“The RGF worked in close association with China Association for Internationally Friendly Contact. This organization is a vehicle used by Central Military Commission of China. The purpose is to infiltrate and influence the voices of leaders of other countries,” he said.