SHOCKING EXPOSE!! How Commies Falsify & Destroy our True History & Poison Young Minds

SHOCKING EXPOSE!! How Commies Falsify & Destroy our True History & Poison Young Minds

Source: Media Crooks

Three years ago in my book “Social media as watchdog” this was among the opening paras in the introduction:

’One of the biggest challenges for students coming out of schools and colleges in India is not remembering what they learnt but unlearning what they did. This is particularly true of history courses. Much of our history taught in schools cannot exactly be described as accurate. Designed as they were by left-leaning historians, the courses use an abundant dose of imagination and distortion. Thus, students have to learn true history and facts only outside of schools. The same experience is true for the whole population when they encounter Mainstream Media’’.

Although Christians had their vast missionary agenda in India for centuries, the arrival of Sonia Gandhi to power had seen an exponential growth in their activities, fake agitations, conversion activities and joining hands with Commies to denigrate and attempt to destroy Hindu culture, traditions, icons and beliefs. The Commies were already batting for the Mughals. I thus called such history-falsifiers and anti-Hindu-culture group as Chrislamists.

The Commies have dominated our education policy-making and history writing for ages. Their first job was to follow Nehru’s act of glorifying temple-destroying Muslim rulers and negating the atrocities committed by the Mughals on Hindus. In fact, according to the school books that they concoct, Indian history begins only with the Mughals – prior to that Indian civilisation did not exist if you read such books. In my speech in the previous post (Highways of our minds) this is a tweet I used because it stunningly describes the savagery upon our innocent kids starting from Class-4:

The kids are almost led to believe that India was established by Mughal savages and under Congress-UPA the savages were glorified even more. I am not sure what fools write such nonsense but take a look at this page from a book:

(Please note: Books mentioned here are mostly privately published text books or guide books and schools make their own choices of books – but Boards usually prescribe specific books too).

Oh yes, give the Commies and Congress another chance and another ten years, they will rename Bharat to Babur. They will replace the Ashok Chakra. I am not joking – Sonia govt put the Roman Cross on our coins only to be discontinued after protests. I doubt our current school books even teach children why this country is called Bharat. That would be damaging to the Chrislamist cause, wouldn’t it? Among the first to challenge the skullduggery of these Commies was Arun Shourie in his classic book “Eminent Historians’’. I call them “Distortians’’, a title that suits the liars much better. In my post ‘Commie media’s anti-Hindu poison-part 2’’ I reproduced a sample from Shourie’s book and this should show you how they blacked out the Mughal savagery:


Under the CPM govt in Bengal a circular dated 28 April, 1989 is issued by the West Bengal Secondary Board. It is in Bengali, and carries the number “Syl/89/1” (For Class-9. Here “Aushuddho” supposedly means “impure” and “Shuddho” is “cleanse” by alteration or by deletion)

Book : Bharatvarsher Itihash, by Dr. Narendranath Bhattacharya, published by Chakravarty & Son:

Page 89 : Aushuddho – “Sultan Mahmud used force for widespread murder, loot, destruction and conversion.”

Shuddho – “There was widespread loot and destruction by Mahmud.” That is, no reference to killing, no reference to forcible conversions.

Page 89 : Aushuddho – “He looted valuables worth 2 crore dirham from the Somnath temple and used the Shivling as a step leading up to the masjid in Ghazni.”

Shuddho – “Delete ‘and used the Shivling as a step leading up to the masjid in Ghazni.'”

Page 112 : Aushuddho — “Hindu-Muslim relations of the medieval ages is a very sensitive issue. The non- believers had to embrace Islam or death.”

Shuddho — All matter on pages 112-13 to be deleted.

Page 113 : Aushuddho – “According to Islamic law non-Muslims will have to choose between death and Islam. Only the Hanafis allow non-Muslims to pay jaziya in exchange for their lives.”

Shuddho – Rewrite this as follows: “By paying jaziya to Allauddin Khilji, Hindus could lead normal lives.” Moreover, all the subsequent sentences “Qazi…”, “Taimur’s arrival in India…” to be deleted.

Page 113 : Aushuddho – “Mahmud was a believer in the rule of Islam whose core was ‘Either Islam or death’.

Shuddho — Delete.

Thus, you are given the eternal dose that Akbar was Great and the first Secular leader. Aurangzeb had a road named after him apart from two cities that I know of. Is it any surprise then that many adults with Hindu-sounding names considerAfzal Guru, Yakub Memon or Maqbool Butt as martyrs? Is it any surprise that some of these students describe Durga as a ‘’whore’’? And the media morons will tell you that’s an alternative reading of Durga. Laughable! Try an alternate reading of Islam or Mohammad – You would be dead. Forget Islam, would you consider reading an alternate reading of Jesus and Mary Magdalene? Christians were out in protest against the DaVinci Code movie even though the movie was fictional. Would you approve of the alternate reading of the virgin-birth analyses?

The Christian organisations occupy as much real estate as the Muslim organisations across India. Most of their schools are funded by state govts. Yet, they teach Bible in the school. This is from as early as Class-2; here you go:

I do not know about the practice now but earlier the missionary schools had a practice of teaching their religion to Christian students while the others had the option of going to a different classroom and learn Moral Science as the subject. There should be no problem in every student learning the basic history of Jesus, Mohammad or Zoraster but where Hindu kids are concerned, it is now the sole responsibility of their parents and family to teach them their religion, ancestry and rich heritage. The Sonia-govt of 10 years ensured Christian conversion activity is freely promoted, free access to schools by Jesus-salesmen from across the world and even promoting tainted alleged journos as role-models. At least, there is some comedy in this. This is a class-7 book that promotes Barkha Dutt:

So the Radiagate, Cabinet-berth brokering journo should be the role model for your kid. That apart, her 26/11 reporting was a total sham, full of Bollywood histrionics as is all her reporting. Her Kargil reporting still remains controversial. And her love for Pakistani cuisine and Track-2 Flipomatic nonsense is what you should be teaching your kid according to the book. But that is slightly less comic than a book that has this King of Comedy as the topic:

Pappu is a duffer who has done nothing significant in his life. I cannot recall even a single accomplishment of his 45 years of life other than entertaining us with his comical, nonsensical gibberish. Ram Jethmalanni caustically said he wouldn’t employ him even as clerk. But the Congress party was doing exactly that, as were the Commies – pushing every Congi –slave like Barkha, Teesta Setalvad either in the books or to write books. Kapil Sibal as HRD Minister even funded the tainted Teesta. Nothing matters, as long as you keep Hindus away from power and promote those will push your agenda (I wonder if Sonia had a single aide close to her who was a Hindu but she is the champion of Sickularism). Shower them with Padma awards even if you know they are tainted. Go as far as portraying Ishrat Jehan (an LeT terrorist) as a saint and operate an ambulance in her name and put the Caged-Parrot after IB and IPS officers on a witch-hunt. The poison in our school books is one of the greatest threats to good education and citizenry. And here is one of the most vicious doses of poison you will find in recent times:

That this nonchalant piece of garbage can be in any book or page should shock every Hindu. It is the kind of POISON that Sonia and Rahul blabber about – it is sheer Powerful Poison. It is about Gujarat 2002. Now, there are two aspects to Gujarat 2002 – first the Godhra train-burning in which 59 Hindus were burned alive and then the consequent state-wide Gujarat riots. This piece of utter garbage has this to state:

A). Godhra buring of Hindus (which it calls massacre) was done by Hindus. Truth is, it was enacted by a mob of Muslim fanatics, which included Congress members, of whom about 30 have been convicted by a court.

B). Of the various wars and killings in the world in this age the Gujarat riots is the worst by the filth of Human Race called Hindus. Such is the language in a school book promoted by Congress.

The Commies and Congress will continue to denigrate Hindus everywhere (AK Antony admitted after LS 2014 that Congress is clearly perceived as Anti-Hindu). That is not news to us. But such extreme poison can reach our school-books should not be allowed to continue. A school was about to write the mini biography of Narendra Modi and he did not allow it. He stated school books should not carry stories of living politicians or people as history stories. That some book can even carry the story of a duffer like Pappu will tell you how much poison is being sown. And Sonia screams “Zeher ki Kheti” – this poisoning of our kids is the real poison-farming of their minds.

That has been done. But what has the new govt at the Centre done about all this? It is now two years since they came to power and such extreme poisonous filth continues to stay in our school books. They must urgently set up something like aNational Commission of Educational Books for history and civics and weed out such filth and poison and depict events accurately. No book on history or civics should be published without a clearance from this commission. For one, I don’t even understand how a primary school student can even understand the real stories of Gujarat 2002? Should it be told by some Teesta or Suzy Roy? Well the idea is to catch them young and poison them early so that they grow up loving the Afzal and Yakub types.

The National Commission of education books (whatever form or name it takes) should scrutinise every book, be it NCERT, CBSE, ICSE or any State or other Boards and even private publishers. If movies are certified as A for only those over 18, then certain topics of history are also only for a higher age when the kids can understand the context and not consume mindless poison. The ModiSarkar has the urgent responsibility of stopping the poisoning of our kids.

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