Police arrests four in connection to Chandni Chowk temple attack, Home Minister Amit Shah reprimands Delhi police commissioner

Police has arrested four people in connection to the attack on Durga temple in Kala Kuan area of Delhi’s Chandni Chowk. two men arrested for vandalizing temple in Delhi have been identified as Mohammed Zubair and Mohammed Anus. Third is a minor, while the fourth is yet to be identified.

Meanwhile as per record, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has reprimanded Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik. Patnaik was summoned by Shah today morning, and he briefed the Home Minister about the entire incident.

On Tuesday evening, in the presence of Delhi police, people from the two communities (Hindu and Muslim) held discussions on ways to defuse the tension which persisted in the area over the incident of temple vandalism.

An altercation over parking took a communal turn on June 30, followed by a group of miscreants vandalising a temple in the area.

20-year-old resident of the area was parking his scooter outside a building. According to witnesses, a resident of the building who runs an eatery stall there objected to it.

A scuffle is said to have broken out soon after this. A video surfaced online which purportedly shows a man being beaten up by some people who were suspected to be drunk, over a parking issue.

Senior police officials said three separate cases have been registered in connection with the incident. A case has been registered based on the scooter owner’s statement, the other case is based on the statement by the building resident and the third case was lodged against unknown persons for rioting and damaging public property.