Police slaps boy for wearing Modi mask during Rahul Gandhi rally in BJP ruled Jharkhand

According to reports, a boy was punished by Jharkhand police for wearing the mask of Prime Minster Narendra Modi during a a rally of Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

The incident was caught on camera, and onlookers can be heard asking the victim to say ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai’.

The Dhanbad police later clarified that its officer Surendra Kumar had asked the boy to remove the Modi mask as Rahul’s cavalcade was approaching. Since the boy refused to obey, the officer had to resort to ‘lightly slapping’ him.

Another police officer, when asked about the incident, said, that the boy who was standing in the corner of the street with Modi’s mask on, was asked to remove the mask and move to a side, as Rahul Gandhi’s convoy was approaching. Even after being asked multiple times the boy refused to move, which irked police officer Surendra Singh, who in turn started hitting him.

Meanwhile, the man recording the incident is heard warning the officer of dire consequences if he does not stop bullying the boy, but the police officer unruffled by the warning continues to intimidate the child.

Meanwhile, in retaliation to the “Chowkidar Chor Hai” slogans, some were heard chanting “PM Modi Zindabad” during the rally.