Population Jihad? Muslim doctor in Sri Lanka forcibly sterilised Hindu and Buddhist patients without their consent

A Muslim doctor from a hospital in Kurunegala city has been arrested after it was alleged that her performed sterilisation on patients without their knowledge. Over ten people have complained against Dr Seigu Siyabdeen Mohamed Saafi of performing sterilisation illegally. What is more surprising that all the victims were either Hindus or Buddhists, which has led many to believe whether the doctor’s actions were driven by radical ideas.

A nurse attached to the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital, lodging a complaint with the Director of the Hospital said that Dr Seigu Siyabdeen Mohamed Saafi had removed her womb following a cesarean surgery. The nurse charges that the doctor in question had performed a cesarean on her on March 4th and was admitted to the hospital once again after several days due to health complications.

Thereafter she was taken to the operating theatre following a scan by the said doctor and she was taken to the operating theatre. In a letter written to the hospital director, she said that she later got to know about the removal of her womb. Information has also come to light about an attempt made by the suspicious doctor to change the name of a mother and attempting to hand over her child to another party.

The administrative officer of the hospital has conducted a preliminary investigation in this regard and has found evidence to prove that the doctor in question had attempted to hand over a newborn baby to a third party in an illegal manner by forging documents. Police media spokesperson SP Ruwan Gunasekara speaking on the matter requested the public to lodge complaints against the doctor if any for conducting sterilization surgeries without consent at the CID.