Prakash Raj Shares These Fake Pics to Defame Narendra Modi?

Prakash Raj is in the news again for the wrong reasons. The ‘Doubting Thomas’ has tweeted an old photo of protest carried out against Narendra Modi-ji in United Kingdom. He has said that the voices against Modi-ji has gone wide and louder and resenting those voices would brand them as ‘Anti Nationals’.

Continuing his litany of lies and to accomplish his ‘fait accomplice’ to defame the BJP in general and Modi-ji in particular he has tweeted old photos which have no relevance to his twitter post.

A prized possession of the Congress party and Leftists in Karnataka and a star campaigner of them, he has been repeatedly tweeting or making controversial to garner attention and pay the due back to his masters. Prakash Raj who is Prakash Rai in Karnataka has not even uttered a word on the brutal killings of Hindu workers in Karnataka.

An infuriated Prakash Raj had walked out of the studios, when an anchor asked him a question on Cauvery water sharing between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, the main riparian States.In November last year, he said there was no need to for people to get up when National Anthem was being played in cinema halls.


The actor had also blamed the Prime Minister for maintaining silence on the death of Gauri Lankesh who was murdered a few months ago in Bengaluru, while the law and order is the state subject. It is ludicrous that Rai stoops to such low levels with scant regard to the real truth.

Raj, must realise that every time he continues his litany of lies, the twitterati exposes it badly and depicts him as master of slander without substance. His propaganda of carving out insidious logic and puerile potions on Facebook and Twitter will continue to be exposed and he has to beat a hasty retreat every-time. The outrageous accusations and falsehoods will only become laughing stock in social media. Such cheap theatrics could only be counter productive to Mr.Prakash Raj