Prakash Raj slammed on Twitter for his jibe at Prime Minister

Since last few months actor Prakash Raj has come out to be an outspoken voice against BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The actor has been launching one after another scatching attack on ruling regime. On Monday the actor took to twitter to launch his latest attack on Prime Minister and BJP, but this time things did not turn out the way he might have expected.

Taking a jibe at Prime Minister’s speech at Bengaluru on Sunday, the actor called it “promise toothpaste” and asked people whether they would believe in the promises made. “PROMISE TOOTHPASTE sold in 2014 .. ( forget brushing the teeth ) could not bring a smile on distressed farmers or jobless youth of my country…… you believe PROMISE TOOTHPASTE ….sold yesterday …in Karnataka rally …..will bring it…. # just Asking,” wrote Prakash Raj on Twitter.

The actor would have expected to receive responses against Prime Minister but that’s not exactly how things rolled out on Twitter. Instead of writing against Prime Minister the Indian twitterati slammed the actor for his tweet. Many Twitter users even went on to advice the actor to use burnol if he is unhappy with toothpastes.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed people on the culmination of Parivartan Yatra at Bengaluru on Sunday. During his address Prime Minister said, “I am seeing a saffron wave in the state. Congress is standing at the exit gate in Karnataka. It has caused destruction here and Karnataka doesn’t need a Congress culture,” the Prime Minister said at the rally. He also advocated the BJP’s push for infrastructure development in the state. “NDA helped Karnataka more than UPA.”

Taking a direct shot at Chief Minister Siddaramiah, Prime Minister Narendra Modi slammed the ‘lawlessness’ in the state. He added that the Congress government under Siddaramiah’s leadership has witnessed ‘ease of murder’ in the state even as the BJP promotes the ‘ease of doing business in India’ at global platforms. He said, “Rule of criminals seems to be prevalent here, instead of rule of law. The world is discussing ease of doing business but here ease of murdering is being discussed. The one who opposes ends up losing the life. This is dangerous for democracy and shameful for state govt.”