Pratheesh Viswanath: The Rising Face of Hindutva in Kerala

The state of Kerala for decades has remained a strong bastion of the left-Islamic nexus. Every attempt has been made to ensure that the nationalist ideologies remain out of the state. From killing innocent Swayamsevaks to directly attacking Hindu institution, no stone has been left unturned to ensure that the traces of nationalism and Hinduism are removed from the state. But instead of weakening, such attempts have only emboldened the resolve of the Hindus and nationalists in the state.

From time to time, various Swayamsevaks and dedicated Hindu volunteers have rised to the occasion and protected their culture and religion again all onslaughts in Kerala. One such brave Hindu warrior is Pratheesh Vishwanath. A relentless nationalist who first busted the sinister conspiracy of jihad which was functioning behind the facade of love and termed it ‘Love Jihad.’ A protégé of late Ashok Singhal, who is striving hard, day and night to ensure safety of weak and poor Hindus in Kerala.

Born in a traditional Hindu family with RSS links, Praseeth was highly religious patriotic from an early age. He started attending shakas by the age of 4 and by the time he was 20, he had his mind made up. He knew his nation required him and he dedicated himself for her.

He left his home and went to the tribal regions as a Vishwa Hindu Parishad functionary. There he served for six years. After that in around 2005, he started researching into the Islamic aggression in South India. It was during this research that he first discovered the sinister conspiracy of Love Jihad. He brought it before the public and traveled across the country to spread awareness about it. Pratheesh, also for the first time introduced the concept of a helpline for Love Jihad victims.


Through this helpline, Pratheesh and team intervened in over 12500 cases and rescued over 9000 victims. They also filed over 4300
habeas corpus before the Supreme Court for missing girls.

On instructions from his Guru Ashok Singhal, he later joined the Prime Ministerial campaign of Narendra Modi as a silent activist. It was also Ashok Singhal who introduced Pratheesh to Narendra Modi.

While working on the campaign, Pratheesh also completed his LLB and by 2013, started practicing as a lawyer in Kerala high Court. Ever since he has also become a legal crusader against temple land encroachment in Kerala.

In September of 2018, he was the first to launch an agitation against the Supreme Court’s verdict of allowing women of reproductive age inside Sabarimala shrine.
On 2nd October of the same year, he called for a road block against the verdict which was seen as an assault on the traditions of the devotees. Kerala witnessed never before seen scenes as the entire state came to a standstill. Praseeth himself marched towards the Chief Minister’s house in Thiruvananthapuram, accompanied by thousands of people. For this he was later arrested and had to spend over 16 days in custody.



He now heads an organisation named the Hindu Seva Kendra, whose primary objective is to free temples of Government’s control and protect them from illegal encroachment. His organization has around 140 panchayat level committees across Kerala.

Very recently, Kerala High Court prevented the government from auctioning utensils and lamps of Hindu temples in response to a Hindu Seva Kendra petition.

In recent years, Pratheesh Viswanath has emerged as one of the leading Hindi rights activists in Kerala and his popularity is fast exceeding provincial frontiers.