Praveen Togadia announces launch of new party, says it will be alternative to BJP and Congress

Firebrand Hindu leader, Praveen Togadia on Tuesday announced the launch of his new political outfit that would contest the Loksabha elections in 2019. Togadia, after leaving Vishwa Hindu Parishad, founded a different Right wing organization by the name of Antarashtriya Hindu Parishad (AHP). The new party is perhaps going to be the political arm of AHP.

Addressing a ‘sankalp sabha’ from the banks of Sarayu river, Togadia said that his party is going to be an alternative to both BJP and Congress in 2019. He further went on to say “On the banks of Saryu, we take a pledge to form a government of Hindus in Delhi in 2019. If there is no Ram temple, then there is no vote from Hindus. For the security of women, respect for farmers, cheap petrol, removal of Bangladeshis, we declare the formation of a new political party.”

Togadia did not share the name of his political outfit. “Naam taya hai hum yogya samay par batayenge…Agenda tai hai, humein chahiye samridhha Hindu (The name is decided but we will reveal it at the appropriate time…the agenda is fixed, we want prosperous Hindu).”

He added that apart from the issue of women security, a strong law against cow slaughter, and the construction of a temple not just in Ayodhya, but “Mathura, Ayodhya, Vishwanath…teenon ke mandir…” is also on the agenda.