Pray for India: Unabated Pyrotechnics; Idiosyncrasies for the sole purpose of Conversion

He claims to health the sick and raise people from the dead because the power of God works through him. He performs miracles as easily and commonly as any other household chores. There are thousands of video clips online showing his healing services.

In one such video, he called a woman with multiple sclerosis (an unpredictable disease with the hardening of body tissues, leaving the person immobile and crippled) to the stage, and then watched her stand and walk.

Meet Guillermo Maldonado – the ‘healer’ and co-founder and lead pastor of King Jesus Ministry, a Latin American Word of Faith mega church based in Miami, Florida.

A Honduran National, his videos can be seen in channels such as TBN, Word Network, Daystar and he is a regular guest on sub-Christian shows such It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth. As a healer who claims to have studied Theology, he migrated to the U.S. with a view to spread Christianity.

This ‘fake’ healer suddenly announced that he got a divine message saying that he is been blessed with supernatural powers and he needs to propagate this to the rest of the world. He says after hearing this divine message he sobbed continuously and fell unconscious. Even after gaining consciousness, I could feel the words spoken by the divine lord, he says.

From a modest beginning of having just 12 followers in 1996, his followers rose to 650 in 1998 and 7000 by 2010.

Modus Operandi

His ‘healing’ skills which smacks of comedy is nonetheless a well articulated drama; a poor personality; there is no specialty in his speech; however, his shows have extremely bright lighting captivating audience attention with thunderous sound effects that leave the audience stunned and mesmerized. He uses voice with great flexibility and correlates it with the magic of healing people, which the gullible public and fans believe are true incidents of healing

In his ‘healings’ the self-declared God man cures people of Cancer, a person who is lame is able to walk, a kid who is unable to speak since birth is able to speak immediately and so on and so forth. Most of these persons are from his own team, who are trained to act and perform under the blazing lights and cameras.

The King Jesus Ministry is no less than a magnificent kingdom, built from the funds received from gullible persons who believe his stupidity. 7,000 persons can sit and listen to his speech here and such is his influence that the President of Honduras attends his sermons on his invitation.

Maldonad speaks impeccable (rubbish) Spanish and English. The God man along with his wife says most of his ‘beneficiaries’ are non-Christians. To his credit, he has converted 12% of non-Christian population to Christianity and promised them to show them the Godly path.

The sole intention of Maldonad is conversion. He glorifies Christianity and says if you need the blessings of God, you ought to be a Christian. There is loud music played during his shows with dances of his followers resembling to that of drunken monkeys dancing under the influence of Alcohol. His ‘shows’ or sermons propagate ignorance, under the presumption of belief promotes superstitions; gullible people are converted and presented with copy of Bible.

Maldonad is back to his antics; this time under the banner ‘ Supernatural Encounter’ Pray for India Conference slated to be held at the sprawling Palace Grounds in Bengaluru. VHP and right wing have strongly opposed this event of Apostle Guillermo Maldonado as it is nothing but an event to ‘convert people to Christianity’

Girish Bharadwaj – a young and dynamic leader is leading the movement to prevent holding this event in Bangalore from 26-28th October -2017. Girish, initially complained to the FRRO (Foreigners Regional Registration Office) about the ‘intent ‘of this event. He has also written to the Commissioner to deny permission to ‘Pray for India’.

After failing to get a response from the Police and FRRO, Girish who represents Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bharata Punarutthana Trust (BPT) has filed a PIL asking the court to give directions to the government for not holding this event on October 26th to October 28th.

Incidentally, the law forbids a foreign national from spreading such religious propaganda, which is conveniently ignored by the police or procrastinating the decision so that the Pastor is the beneficiary.

The Congress Government in Karnataka which is wooing the minorities to reclaim power in the elections which are due in a few months is keeping quiet on this deliberate destruction of religion and culture by a person (and his followers) who at best needs treatment from National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) – a premier mental hospital in Karnataka.

At the time of the article, it is understood that Maldonado fearing legal trouble and repercussions of his visit from VHP and other associations opposing his sermon in Bengaluru has gone back home today morning.