Demonetization has clearly been the flavor of the Indian Media Houses for the past 45 days and the “News Glamour” it provides still doesn’t seem to be wearing out. The primary reasons behind the same are; Agenda driven news due to Political patronage of Media Houses and TRP fetched by Demonetization/Remonetization.

It has been nearly 6 whole weeks since India has been through the gruelling sessions of long queues for exchange of old notes, small withdrawal limits, non functioning ATMs and several last minute notifications from RBI. Though these activities have heavily burdened the common man/woman, he/she seem have withstood the eye of the storm and things have been in better shape for the last two weeks.

Remonetization is in control” and “Public are accustoming to Digital payments” are terms that you will never find in any of the Indian News Paper, since this will majorly hamper their driving forces.

Vardah, the strongest Cyclone which had struck the Chennai City in the past 22 years, created quite an uproar. Nearly 12,000 trees in the City have been uprooted, Public transportation systems like Metro Trains, EMU Trains and MTC buses came to a stand still and Electricity/Mobile Networks are facing acute outage in several part of the city till this day.

There had been nearly 3000 ATMs which are out of service due to Network/Electricity connectivity and several Banks have been struggling to keep themselves open. This had been reported by “The New Indian Express” on 15th December 2016.

Apart from outages and issues in connectivity, several public and private property has been destroyed in large scale. All these damaged properties require immediate repair and to perform repair works, one needs cash. With hardly any functioning ATMs and the least amount of electricity/network connectivity, Chennai citizens are struggling to make any sort of physical/digital payments.

Chennai City along with its neighboring Kancheepuram/Thiruvallur districts are facing its worst cash crunch in the past few days and the whole Digital India campaign has been blown to smithereens by Vardah Cyclone.

Amidst the cash crunch in the city, it is expected for one to find many centrally located ATMs to be highly crowded. Surprisingly the same paper “The New Indian Express” reports today on 16th December 2016, that it is “delay in remonetization measures” which is causing huge queues in an ATM located at Guindy (Chennai), Ironical isn’t it?

One only wonders, when will there be a point of time that the fourth pillar of democracy intents to re-invent itself and start acting with some spine. Please post your view as comments for this act by a Presstitue.