Presstitute ARRESTED for doing Forgery to DEFAME MODI Government; Here are the details

Presstitute image 1

Some time back, we had told you how a Presstitute had to apologize in front of Supreme Court for mocking people of Gujarat for voting for Modi. Now, another presstitute has been arrested for his attempt to defame Modi government. He has been arrested for forgery. The presstitute had lied that AYUSH Ministry in Modi government had denied jobs to Muslims based on their religion. He quoted an RTI for the same.

Pushp Sharma had released a FAKE RTI report where allegedly the ministry said that it does not hire Muslims. The ministry had later clarified that this was never the policy and that the RTI was forged. Pushp Sharma stood his ground and lied that the report was actually from the ministry. His fake report was published in many reputed and other newspapers & websites all over the internet. This led to lot of negative publicity for Modi government.

The police has finally taken action on this and arrested the presstitute. The police had questioned him for few days after the report was out in media. The RTI report was also sent to forensics for test.

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