Should #Presstitute Rana Ayyub arrested on NSA act for doing this on behest of ISI?

Indian Presstitutes are known for their pseudo secularism. Even when they live and earn in India, they are first to back stab and support terrorists and terror sympathizers. They even spread lies to defame our Army, who are protecting us and even these shameless presstitutes like Rana Ayyub, who are nothing but a bunch of anti nationals having no shame and living on foreign funded money trying to sell the country.

In an Incident, Rana Ayyub, who works as a Presstitute for NDTV shared a pic of young boy preferably from Gaza injured and misled the nation saying, he is a kashmiri peaceful boy injured by Indian army. Even if true, its more than 1 year old pic shared by IE that JK police injured him and not INDIAN ARMY.

Representing 4th pillar of democracy, how low can these scums go? Even regular twitter handles wont tweet without verifying the image. But these anti nationals get orgasms when they get a single chance to defame India or our Army.

Here is the full expose By our own Gaurav Pradhan

This is what she tweets

Now lets see, is this a picture of Kashmiri Boy or a Bray for Gaza terrorist

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