Presstitutes Exposed trying to Defame PM Modi during his latest Russia Visit-Full Video

As we know, presstitiutes like to spread rumor and convert pity small things into massive big lies particularly when it comes to defaming India and Indian Nationalist PM Narendra Modi.

Take an example of latest shot by Times of India to defame PM Modi. On his current russian Visit, TOI has tweeted that PM Modi moved when National Anthem was played and Russian official nudges him back.

Some AAP and Congress supported pages like Janata ka Reporter have also taken this opportunity to target PM Modi ji.


Well.. Was it exactly the same as reported by Times of India? This is far away from truth.Exactly, There was no national anthem playing when PM was asked to inspect the guard of honor!

PM moved when asked by the protocol officer, the national anthem started later! Is it so difficult to understand?

Here is the Full Video as a Proof of what is said above.


These presstitutes are hell bent to defame PM Modi by tweaking news items and trying to convert fake chances into opportunities. Share this so that all could know the true color of Times of India.

Also it seems like a Social media FB profile named Drunk Vinod Mehta, who is an AAP supporter has edited Video to add spice to defame PM Modi. Here is tweet by Shailendra Singh ji clearly exposing the edited Video.


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