Prime Minister launched the strongest attack on opposition yet

Prime minister Narendra Modi launched perhaps the most scatching attack on opposition yet. In a video message to BJP workers on the occasion of party’s foundation day, he said that those in opposition are trying to remove him.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his video message to the BJP cadre, criticised the Opposition for “peddling lies after lies” and accused it of not being able to accept a poor man as the PM of India.

In the video, PM Modi said that the “Opposition can not understand how so many dalits and SC/ST can be leaders & MP in BJP. This is why they are spreading an atmosphere of violent opposition.”

Narendra Modi starts off his message saying that the Opposition is getting fierce by the day, and then he goes on to give reasons for it in a strongly-worded message.

“You must have noticed that the opposition is getting fierce, opposition is getting violent, the fault is not in us or our thinking. The only reason is that opposition cannot digest the success of BJP. They cannot digest that a poor mother’s son can be PM. People cannot digest that when BJP was called bania-bramhin party but the BJP elected a Dalit as President. They cannot digest that while in opposition the BJP elected a dalit as deputy speaker. Those who spread lies cannot digest this. They cannot digest how BJP can be a party of the poor,” said Modi.

“I urge our partymen that we should not lose our senses and balance. We must work for our countrymen. In 2022 when we celebrate 75 years of independence then we will celebrate new India, Free of caste & poverty and a clean India,” he further added.

While ending his video message, he urged the BJP workers to not lose their sense and balance and to work for the people of India.

(With inputs from Republic)