Priyanka Chopra apologises, but the damage to India has already been done…

After the recent outburst by Indians fans and followers on various social media platforms over the latest released episode of Quantico, where Hindu nationalists are shown as terrorist planting an attack and conspiring to frame Pakistan for it, Priyanka has apologized on her twitter handle.

She states that some sentiments were hurt and she is nothing but an Indian first, But wait…

There seems to be clear hypocrisy in the above apology and an attempt to clean her image for career sake. As an Indian “first” how could she be comfortable portraying her country in a bad light, that too on an international platform? Is International fame and cheap publicity from a dying show was more important than being Indian? Director Pooja Bhatt quickly came to her defence after this tweet.

Notably, Pakistani artists who were made famous by Bollywood and have had a great career span with big filmmakers/production houses in Indian Film industry, never condemned terror acts by their country. These terror attacks are a reality and filmmakers in our country are appealing us to appreciate the show, which ironically maligns India’s image. This is clearly hilarious and definitely not an “Indian” first attitude.

Recently, Priyanka Chopra was seen at Rohingyas Refugee Camp in Bangladesh as a Goodwill Ambassador. She was asking viewers of her live session to pour in funds for them.

But these Rohingyas have been exposed to commit mass murderers of innocent people of their own country, Myanmar, by the Amnesty International. The Rogingyas are now peacefully residing in Bangladeshi refugee camps. Preaching welfare for these people, It becomes difficult to see any digestible motivating factor behind this.

Here, now have a look at video clip from Quantico where terrorist identity is revealed.

The prominent thing to notice from above clip, one of the terrorist was wearing a Rudraksha Mala (necklace made of Rudraksha beads), which in Hinduism is considered sacred and associated with Lord Shiva. As the episode goes further, terrorists are identified as ‘Indian Nationalists’ who are apparently trying to carry out a nuclear attack in Manhattan and then blame it on Pakistan.

Interestingly, Quantico Producer Joshua Safran, during a round-table discussion for the New York Times stated that, “For me, it was important to not ever put a Muslim terrorist on our show. There hasn’t been one.” , revealing that one of the major rules for Quantico is that it never to feature a Muslim terrorist.

The above statement clearly shows that countries that are proven hubs of terrorism and which happen to be Muslim majority by religion will never be shown in bad light ever in the show.

Priyanka needs to understand that she is a big star in Bollywood and an icon to many and internationally she represents India and Indians first. Hopefully, she will learn from the Pakistani artists and put her nation’s dignity over her fame, career, and money.

Maybe this American lady can help her understand the point more clearly. Huge respect to her for this message to Priyanka Chopra.

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