Why do some pseudo intellectuals follow an Abusive Troll like Gauri Lankesh?

Gauri Lankesh was the editor of ‘Gauri Lankesh Patrike’ a weekly Kannada tabloid, besides owning some other publications. Senior journalist and activist Gauri Lankesh was shot dead after unidentified assailants opened fire outside her residence in Bangalore.

In her social media posts, she had recently flagged the issue of fake news and propaganda. Taking it to Twitter, she had said, “Why do i feel that some of ‘us’ are fighting between ourselves? we all know our “biggest enemy”. can we all please concentrate on that? Ok some of us commit mistakes like sharing fake posts. let us warn each other then. and not try to expose each other. peace… comrades.”

Gauri Lankesh’s family is divided over the people who could’ve been responsible for her gruesome murder. Gauri Lankesh’s brother Indrajit Lankesh has insinuated that the Naxals may be behind his sister’s killing. He is on record saying he believed that Naxals were unhappy with Gauri Lankesh for being instrumental in the surrender of several Naxalites. Gauri Lankesh was actively working with the Karnataka government to bring Naxalites into the mainstream, an initiative that hadn’t gone down well with them, Indrajit said. Indrajit said he’d been informed that Naxalites were printing pamphlets that warned their fellow Maoists against joining the mainstream. Gauri Lankesh herself didn’t tell her family she was being threatened though, he added.

However, Gauri Lankesh’s sister Kavita differed with Indrajit Lankesh. She denied that the Naxalites were in any way linked with the murder.

A trend #BlockNarendraModi movement had taken on Twitter with users expressing their anger over the prime minister following ‘troll’ accounts that put out celebratory tweets following the murder of Gauri Lankesh. PM Narendra Modi was accused of following the troll accounts who abused Gauri Lankesh after her murder. “PM also follows Rahul Gandhi, who is accused in loot and fraud. PM also follows Arvind Kejriwal, who abused him on Twitter and told a woman ‘settle kar lo’ when she complained a party member molesting her,” the statement from BJP said.

As rightly mentioned in the BJP statement following up the troller does not makes PM victim of anger of many pseudo seculars. Gauri Lankesh has been an abusive troll herself, she had many times tweeted or re-tweeted hate speech against PM Narendra Modi

Here is her tweet over GST:

Trolling PM Narendra Modi in the worst possible abusive way:

Retweet to hurt the Hindu Sentiments over Lord Ganesha:

Gauri Lankesh inciting Hindus again:

Gauri Lankesh calling RSS members cheddis:

Gauri Lankesh’s suggesting RSS members that they are a product of Rape:

As per her twitter profile, Gauri Lankesh was followed by many journalists/columnists from OneIndia.com, TheWire.in, Scroll.in, Times Now, The Telegraph, authors like Saba Naqvi. She was followed by famous Congress Politicians/Spokesperson, few BJP members, former JNU Vice-President Shehla Rashid and also few social activists.

In-fact the founder of AltNews, Pratik Sinha, whose portal had penned down an article accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi to have followed serial abusers and sexist bigots, is himself a follower of Gauri Lankesh. From all above tweets on Twitter and posts on Facebook, isn’t it obvious that these so called pseudo intellectuals followed an abusive troll’s account on twitter? Ironical isn’t it!!!

No one did mind abusive tweets, retweets or posts on Facebook by Gauri Lankesh, but the hypocrisy of these individuals was showcased when they dragged PM Narendra Modi in this matter. Well, it would be just another feather on their cap to get TRP using PM Narendra Modi !!

Cover Pic Source: Hindustan Times