Puducherry safe for women, especially with Kiran Bedi doing rounds

You would have heard folklore of how the Kings and his faithful Minister would disguise themselves as a common man to do surprise rounds of their Kingdom. Heck, you would have seen Amarendra Bahubali doing rounds along with Kattapa, in the second part of Rajamouli’s ‘Baahubali the Conclusion’.

But how would the women of your state feel if your leader does a surprise midnight run across the state, that too in disguise!! Pretty impressed right?? That is exactly what Kiran Bedi is doing to Puducherry, just to make the women folk feel safe.

Here is a picture tweeted from the official twitter handle of Lt Governor Of Puducherry, where Kiran Bedi has said she feels that Puducherry is safe for women ‘even at night’. But said she would suggest a few measures which the police need to take to enhance security.

Terming this as a Suraksha Round, Kiran Bedi has really set the bar pretty high for some leaders of India, whose only intent is to do politics and not any real ground work.

In a WhatsApp message to media-persons after a ‘night round’ of the city riding pillion on a scooter, she said, ‘Felt that Puducherry is safe for women even at night.’ Bedi said that she would, however, suggest a few measures ‘which cops need to take to enhance the security’.