Puja time musings: Some snaps have stories and some stories get told and retold

New Delhi: Just five years and in politics or in life – things can undergo miraculous transitions ! Nothing is permanent except change ! Yet people in power – often think, they are indispensable.

Amul political satire-messages are always very powerful. This came in 2016 after Mamata Banerjee and Jayalalitha recorded stunning victories in state polls. Late AIADMK ‘demi-goddess’ is gone unto different world! Whether AIADMK can survive the post-2021 political hurricane remains to be seen !!

It is now anybody’s guess.

The DMK can do very well and secondly, the Hindutva politics may enter and eat up some of the political space in the Dravidian stronghold! In West Bengal, the story of Mamata Banerjee is somewhere in debates between being ‘hysterical’ or ‘historical. Her detractors say Mamata Banerjee may be shown the door in 2021 polls.

All die-hard Narendra Modi fans across India are keeping fingers crossed and would want her out. The entire sickular forces, Kolkata’s tabloid headline hunters and their ilk in Delhi-Noida stretch and not surprisingly some NDA constituents too would want Mamata to win. Of course, the CPI(M) is clueless – does not know perhaps – when to laugh and why !!

One survey says over 64 percent surveyed in West Bengal approve of Modi’s performance. Trinamool’s internal survey said in August – her party’s strength in the 294-member assembly may drop to 78 ! Prashant Kishor’s expertise may not help Didi ?

Again the message is clear – the mirrors remain constant – the people and the faces do undergo change ! Mamata’s fans among pressmen in Delhi and Kolkata are gearing up for veg-curries once BJP captures Nabanna!

Kothae gelo ‘fish roll’ etc etc ?? Some journos used to entertain Didi with Rabindrasangeet – still said in 2019, BJP will not win more than 2 !! Modi-Shah duo wrested 18 !

Modi-Xi Jinping friendship and changing dynamics

Last few months and things have changed a lot. Two informal summits between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi President now look like mirage — far away from madding reality ?

The boundary dispute has turned chronic and no one seems to have an answer! The one-upmanship is on rise as Chinese hands – invisible but very influential – apparently are set to sabotage the Naga peace talks. A PIB accredited journo has been arrested for spying on behalf of China ! Where the tale would go, no one really knows ! But Chinese president has his hands full. From the food crisis to conflict with the US, Beijing is over-engaged.

The Chinese government also has problems in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Punters say, the Modi government knows all of it – or rather some of it – and is so smiling!

If Narendra Modi has been a perfect public communicator in politics; on screen – it is irreplaceable Bachchan since the 1970s – Deewar, Sholay and much more !
This snap above is from the film ‘Wazir’ and as usual the dialogue is classic ! In life you may not get a second chance; the game of chess does give one or two extra opportunities!

‘Big B’ and my favourite has seen it all – success, peak of glories, failures, desperation and again success. So, whether he is going to lament his silence when everyone in town was talking about Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, nepotism and then drugs !

My question is, which was the bigger crime – his silence or wife and lawmaker Jaya Bachchan’s outburst in Rajya Sabha trying to question the very narrative that drug menace is a reality in Bollywood ?

Is it also fair that Amitabh Bachchan should be ‘punished’ in the perception battle for his wife’s political statement – guided by a select lobby in the entertainment industry.

The results so far are scary for Bachchan as his new version of Kaun Banega Crorepati has failed to draw his fans before the television set. One reason could be the IPL – but every TV viewer is no longer a cricket fan ! So, what is the message for him?

Long back, Amitabh was handed over a paper at a political rally wherein the ‘self-confessed’ fan had said – Bacchanji I am your fan but we do not approve of your joining the Congress party !

Harish Salve and his legal dig !

The snap of Harish Salve, eminent lawyer, and the quote – means a lot. The missive was for Pakistan after the International Court of Justice showed Islamabad its place vis-a-vis falsehood and propaganda.

Of course, Kulbhushan Jadhav, who is in Pakistan custody, is yet to return home; but Pakistan’s ploy has failed. Now, a Pakistani parliamentary panel says the capital punishment served to Jadhav should be reviewed. We have won half the war or more; but a neighbour like Pakistan is never the ‘owner’s pride’ !

Will Indian Marxists win over Hindu voters’ confidence yet again ?

Kerala is all set for crucial polls next year. Congress deserves a win – given the five year cycle and state’s tradition. But the BJP and the Sangh Parivar are making noise !

Before the minority – read Muslim – appeasement virus infected Indian communists – the CPI(M) was originally pro-Hindu party in Kerala and the Congress remained pro-Christians and pro-Muslims in pockets, but but but ……

Next snap would redefine what has minority appeasement in ads and films done to the world of Hindus !

….. these have been a trend !! Most intellectuals and my friends on social media are silent ….being politically correct !
privately they wud lecture !! why? image ?

The 2019 polls went in favour of Modi….because common people did not approve ‘….chor hae’ (‘Hindu fundamentalism’ is also born due to these DOUBLE STANDARDS)

Madrasas have issues in Bangladesh and Pak also; but u cant say so in Assam !!
more ……

In Hindi films, a nice person who comes to help the hero or his family or a kid is mostly – if not always a Muslim or a Christian — In ‘Sholay’, among all the villagers, Imam says he is ready to sacrifice his son ! Occasionally Sikhs may be lucky !! But Sardarjis are also ridiculed in Hindi films !! In a virtuous Karan Johar’s movie, a sardar kid is shown counting stars !

In most cases, a child in a movie is adopted by a pious Christian …. some aunty Fernandes, Bare-chacha !! Where is the pious Hindu ….he is shown as a crook in ‘saffron’ a Sadhu or a temple priest who connives with brigands !!

Have you heard the song, “Ganpati Bappa Moriya Pareshaan Karen Mujhe Chhoriya”.

Can we have some other Gods (meaning from other religions)

In ‘Deewar’, Amitabh does not believe in God, questions God Shiva !! but see the coincidence, he is saved from bullets by ‘number 786’

Chalo murari —- Sickular ban-ney !!