Pulwama attacks: As the nation mourns, left-liberals defend, justify and celebrate

On Thursday, 14th of February, India witnessed one of the most gruesome and heinous acts of terrorism, when a suicide bomber banged his car to a bus carrying paramilitary forces in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama. The attack claimed close to 44 lives. Ever since the attack, entire nation is in a state of grief and anger. People in every major city of the country have taken to streets, demanding harshest of actions against the perpetrators of the attack and their patrons across the border.

But even in such times, there were some who had the audacity to not only defend or justify the attack but also celebrate it. Sometime after the news of the attack flashed across media, NDTV deputy editor Nidhi Sethi made out a post saying “Where a grisly 44 has been proven to be greater than mythical 56.” She ended her post with a #HowsTheJaish, a take on blockbuster Bollywood movie URI: The surgical strikes’ famous dialog, “How’s the Josh.” The movie was based on Indian counter-terrorism operations in Pakistan.

After the tweet, which came across as celebratory to many, faced flake from the public, NDTV announced of the suspending Sethi for a period of mere two weeks. Sethi, however was only the first of many to express such views.

Scroll journalist, Supriya Sharma made a tweet quoting the father of the terrorist who carried out the attack which has put entire humanity to shame.

However when confronted, she advised the people to learn difference between reportage and opinion without giving a convincing answer for what made her to quote that particular line alone. Nevertheless, the left liberals cabal from across the country is coming up with similar reactions only. In Kolkata, complaints were filed after an ultra-left activist from the Jadavpur University made out a Facebook post, celebrating the death of Indian security personnel and calling for the freedom of Kashmir.

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