Punjab government levies tax on keeping domestic animals

The Punjab government in a new notification on Tuesday announced that people in Punjab will now have to pay taxes for keeping domestic animals.

Headed by state minister Navjot Singh Siddhu, the Department of Local Administrationissued a notice stating that people living in Punjab and having a dog, cat, pig, sheep, deer etc. as a domestic animals, will have to pay a tax of Rs. 250 per year.

For those who own a buffalo, bull, camel, horse, cow, and elephant; the amount further goes up to Rs. 500 per year.


The notice also stated that a “branding code”; identification mark or number would be allocated to each animal.

The animal would also be installed with a microchip, the government issued notice added.

Further, the owner in Punjab will have to take a licence from the authorities to keep a pet. The licence will be renewed every year.

The government, however, will extend its support to NGOs and other social religious organizations.

“The corporation committee shall extend all possible assistance and support to NGO’s and other social-religious organizations interested in setting up of non-profit cattle pounds for old and infirm animals as per availability of funds,” added the notification.