Purvanchal’s mafia Don Munna Bajrangi killed in Jail, A prisoner fired 10 rounds of bullets

There is a major news happening at the present time. Purvanchal’s mafia don Munna Bajrangi has been shot dead. He has been murdered in Baghpat jail in Uttar Pradesh. Munna Bajrangi was conveyed to Baghpat imprison from Jhansi. As indicated by the underlying media reports, Sunil Rathi gang is behind the murder of Munna Bajrangi. Sunil Rathi is active in Uttarakhand and UP. Sunil’s mother Rajbala has been a candidate of BSP from Chhaproli.

As indicated by Munna Bajrangi’s attorney, Munna Bajrangi has been executed by 10 rounds, after which the gun was tossed into the drain. Be that as it may, how did the detainee get a gun in prison, is a main issue. Meanwhile news came that the gun was placed in the canal. Munna Bajrangi is thought to be the right hand of the second mafia wear Mukhtar Ansari of Purvanchal. Munna Bajrangi’s genuine name is Prem Prakash Singh. Munna Bajrangi is blamed for murdering 20 people. The security of the jail has been expanded after the occurrence. The district administration will examine the prison.

Magistrate inquiry has been ordered for the murder case of Munna Bajrangi. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has assured that the order for magisterial probe has been executed. Along with jailer Uday Pratap Singh, deputy jailer Shivaji Yadav, head warden Arjinder Singh, and warden Madhav Kumar have been suspended. CM said that such a incident is a serious matter in the jail premises. He said that the detailed investigation of the matter will be conducted and strict action would be taken against the responsible people. The name of Munna Bangaragi was came in existence after the murder of BJP leader Krishnanand Rai.

After the murder in the jail, there has been a stir in UP’s political affairs. Munna Bajrangi’s wife, Seema Singh, had recently said that her husband may be killed.

Seema Singh had a press conference in Lucknow and said that UP’s STF and senior officer of the police are plotting to assassinate her husband in fake encounters. She had said without mentioning any name that someone has been tried to kill his husband in jail. Seema Singh had also complained against some UP police officials in the court regarding this.
Today, on July 9, there was a hearing in the Baghpat court on charge of asking extortion money from BSP MLA Lokesh Dixit. In this connection, he was brought to Baghpat prison from Jhansi yesterday.

Munna Bajrangi alias Don Prem Prakash is from Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh. In 1995, He was surrounded by STF. He was shot, but he survived. After this incident Munna Bajrangi joined hands with the second mafia don Mukhtar Ansari of Purvanchal. In 2005, Munna was accused of killing BJP legislator of Krishnanand Rai of Mohammedabad. After this incident, Don Prem Prakash became a dreaded man of the crime world. Munna Bajrangi is accused of that it utilized the name and fear to extort the crores of rupees from the coal and scrap traders.

In 2009, Munna surrendered in front of UP police in Mumbai. After this, he started his political innings.