Puthiya Thalaimurai News anchor Karthikeyan insults Hindu female deities, Twitter users express anger

A leading Tamil News Channel’s (Puthiya Thalaimurai) anchor, Karthikeyan, made a nauseating disrespectful comment on the female deities of Hinduism when he was anchoring a debate on the Sabarimala issue. He was quoting a poem which roughly translates into, “If women are not allowed inside the Hindu temple during their menstrual period days, assure that female deities won’t be present in the temple during their menstrual days”. The video can be seen here:

While Karthikeyan had apologised in Facebook for quoting this poem, such anti-Hindu comments on live television had invited the wrath of Hindu believers in the twitter and they showed their outrage by demanding to ban the news channel.

காயப்படுத்தும் எண்ணமில்லை: வருந்துகிறேன்இரண்டு நாட்களுக்கு முன் புதுப் புது அர்த்தங்கள் நிகழ்ச்சியில் மேற்கோள்…

Posted by Karthikeyan on Friday, July 20, 2018


The channel, known for its Anti-Hindu bias, similar incidents have frequently occurred in the past. Few years back, they invited the wrath of Hindu believers by passing a comment on the need of Mangalsutra for married Hindu women. An existing case had been filed against this channel, for trying to create disharmony between two communities during a debate.

Hindu Munnani Katchi, a pro Hindu political outfit, had filed cases in 34 different places across Tamil Nadu for this derogatory comment.

Puthiya Thalaimurai is also known for reporting with extreme bias, especially in the issue of NEET. Few twitter users who believe that the channel is owned by SRM University in Chennai, hence they spread fake news regarding NEET examination since they are losing the revenue that they get through management quota. Few days back, the channel was also mocked in twitter for spreading fake news consistently.


Due to various controversies and bias, viewers have apparently started losing hopes on the news reported by this channel. As per latest ratings, the channel has been pushed to last among top five Tamil channels with Polimer news topping the chart.