PWD Minister demolishes doors at government allotted bungalow for VAASTU compliance?

After using his Government alloted car to commute to his constituency Holenarasipura in Hassan as per his Astrologer’s advice not to stay in government alloted bungalow, PWD Minister HD Revanna brother of CM Kumaraswamy is in the news again!

As per reports from Public TV, He is now renovating his alloted Bungalow to conform to Vaastu; in the process he is using the taxpayer’s money for the unnecessary expenditure to fulfil his desire of ensuring ‘Vastu Compliance’ in the bungalow allotted to him previously occupied by HC Mahadevappa.  The bungalow had already been renovated by the previous PWD Minister.

What has he done?

  • Demolishing the two doors at his government alloted bungalow in Kumara Krupa guest house to ensure Vastu compliance.
  • Ensure the drainage water is not ‘standing’ and laying a pipe and letting it out to the road outside the Kumara Krupa.

Kumara Krupa Guest house is a beautiful place with greenery around. The PWD Minister known for his penchant for Vaastu and Astrology has set a bad precedent again by letting out drainage water to the road, thereby causing inconvenience to the public and draining the public money by taking up unnecessary works to ensure it is Vastu compliant.

Taking up repairs at his whims and fancies at a time when Farmer’s are committing suicide; demanding MSP and students demanding free bus passes is deplorable and reprehensible act by the PWD Minister.

The Hon’ble PWD minister should stop such extravagant expenditure at a time when the State is reeling with several issues.

Information Source: Public TV