Questions and inconsistencies in Asaram Bapu’s case that even a Hindustan Times reporter, Salik Ahmad, seems to have noticed

PLEASE NOTE. This article is neither to claim that Asaram Babu is not guilty nor is it to claim that he is indeed guilty. For a contrarian opinion, kindly see this article on a supposedly pro-Hindu portal –

Due to the widespread and deeply pervading presence of rabid Hinduphobia (including internalised Hinduphobia amongst the Hindus themselves) in India, there is a need to address these issues:

  1. severe inconsistencies in the narratives available,
  2. the unreliability of the criminal justice system in India in general (both incompetence and corruption?), (1)
  3. the widespread attack on both genuine and non-genuine Swamijis and Gurujis, and
  4. the Naxal media (TNM) that deliberately ignore global mass-child-sex-abuse by ISIS-type Islamists and the Christian Churches. (2, 3)

The best way to bring down genuine Swamijis and Gurujis is to prosecute all Swamijis and Gurujis – say two out of 10 will be truly non-genuine, and paint all the 10 as bad apples quoting the two cases where they were lucky to have found a real problem and bring down the entire leadership of Hinduism.

This is akin to painting India as the rape capital of the world while sitting (with a glass of champagne perhaps) comfortably in the United States or other western countries. On the contrary, the highest rate of rapes (incidence of rape cases) are in these countries and they rank at the top of rape statistics: the Christian West is the rape and child-rape capital of the world. (2, 3)


Sometime ago Rajiv Malhotra wrote, “In recent decades, we saw vicious attacks against Osho in USA charging him with serious crimes, including murder. Then Swami Muktananda, over a decade after his death, was accused of sexual misconduct – ironically, by women who were his ardent devotees during his lifetime. After Swami Prabhupada died, ISKCON in USA was prosecuted for allegations of sexual harassment. Yogi Amrit Desai, one of the most prolific teachers of yoga for white Americans since the 1970s, was suddenly removed from his own institution, Kripalu Center, on similar charges. Attempts were also made to bring down Maharishi Mahesh Yogi when he was in his prime of success. Swami Prakashanand Saraswati is another guru charged of child molestation at age 82 in USA. The accusers claimed to have been “groped” over a decade earlier, leaving one to wonder why it took so long to complain. Critical video evidence was “lost” by the prosecutors. Yet it took the jury only 50 minutes to pronounce him guilty of charges amounting to 50 years of imprisonment.

This strategy of aggressive persecution was also imported into India. We saw the Shankaracharyas of Kanchi facing false murder charges – later proven wrong, but by then the media had worked round the clock to damage the public image as much as possible. Once the Shankaracharyas were exonerated, the media did not apologize, much less restore their image. Asaram Bapu, Sadhvi Pragya and Ashutosh Maharaj are among many others whose followers are convinced they have been falsely accused and unfairly treated be media.” (4)


If a Firstpost report has to be believed, the complainant-girl was sexually abused since she was born by Asaram Bapu. On 2016, September 27, FP staff (presumably Firstpost staff), with inputs from PTI, wrote: “In 2013, a teenage girl had filed a police complaint against Asaram of sexual assault between 1997 and 2006 when she was staying in his ashram on the outskirts of Ahmedabad.” (5) Note that the Firstpost piece quotes a myriad of secondary sources for its main content. They also claim a “comment” was made by him but did Asaram Bapu make such a comment in real? No direct source-based reports appear to be available to confirm or deny such claims. Thus its reliability is questionable.

In 2013, the complainant-girl was reportedly 16 years of age. Then, she must have been just born in 1997 and she would have been 9 years in 2006. So, was she abused, as reported, since birth? Sounds implausible, unless Asaram Bapu was known to her parents and closely associated with them since her infancy. This appears to be not the case though.

Conflictingly, the other reports say that the incident relates to the date August 15–16 of 2013, in Jodhpur.

Additionally, a simple search on Google came up with many media houses reports claiming that the lawyers for Asaram Bapu stated that the medical reports show no evidence of rape on the girl, excepting one media house (India Today) alone reporting otherwise.

If India Today was right, and the defence lawyer was wrong, why there are no reports to the contrary especially denouncing the lawyers’ claims as false? (6)

Salik Ahmad writing for Hindustan Times (HT) on 2018 April 25 quotes a resident of the village (in Jodhpur) where the alleged incident happened (who happens to have built the cottage where the alleged incident is claimed to have happened, and who also lives next door according to the same HT report): ‘“It’s a conspiracy by the enemies of Hindu culture, by the Christian missionaries. Police which carried out the investigation was complicit,” he alleges. “The girl’s family never went beyond my house. The cottage is a good distance away from my place.”’ (7)


In Tamizh Nadu a 16-year-old girl not even prepared to appear as a witness was made a complainant-victim in a case against a Sri Lankan Tamizh refugee Swamiji (Swami Premananda). An expert witness from London, Dr Wilson J Wall, wrote about this in his book afterwards, “Although not prepared to appear as a witness the judge asked her a single question: ‘was Premananda the father?’, to which she replied ‘no’.

For details about the Tamizh Nadu case, please read the book excerpt from here on

The infamous Ram Rahim case also appears suspect, as discussed in one semi-public forum – apparently, no details of the charges laid or the details of the defence made are available anywhere publicly in the case. For all legal proceedings, especially the ones in the limelight of the Naxal media (TNM), such information is always available from court reporting and other such news reports. Suspiciously, not in Ram Rahim’s case, it was said. If that is factually accurate, why so? What is being hidden? Who is behind it?

Perhaps, Hindus should awaken before it is too late. It might already be too late as the recent allegations of child sexual assault against the innocent Hindu villagers of Kathua in Jammu show. (8)


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