Interesting Quora answers on ‘what has the BJP done for Hindus’

One of the primary reasons behind Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led National Democratic Alliance’s (NDA) whopping victory in 2014 general elections, was Hindutva.

While the election itself was fought on the agenda of development, the fact that BJP is perceived as a pro-Hindu party with direct links Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and (RSS), Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), is no secret. The party also very proudly proclaims itself to be a pro-Hindu. Issues like Ram Mandir, have been a mainstay in BJP’s manifestos for over two decades.

This pro-Hindu image greatly benefitted the BJP in 2014, and helped them to earn the historic mandate. However, as the BJP regime’s tenure is coming to an end and the nation is fast approaching General elections in early 2019, voters have started raising questions on the performance of the Government.

Recently, a question was asked on Quora about ‘What has the BJP done for Hindus?’ in its tenure at centre. The question met with several interesting answers, which we are sharing below…

Answer #1:-

From the last 4 years , NDA Government led by Narendra Modi has done many things for Hindus.

In a report released by Congress under AK Antony stated that the biggest reason of Congress loss in 2014 General Elections was because most of the Hindus were against them.

As we all know that our ex PM Manmohan Singh has said that Minorites have first right on our resources.

Now Coming to the answer

Hindus who had felt oppressed and inferior for no reason in the recent years for got a bright ray of hope when NDA Goverment came into power in 2014 led by Narendra Modi.

1). Stopping the Religious Conversions

In an attempt to break the backbone of religious conversions of Hindus, BJP led government cancelled Licenses of around 20,000 of 33,000 NGOs after they were found to be allegedly violating various provisions of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA), thus barring them from receiving foreign funds because from the past many years Hindus population has been continuously declining in our nation.

2). World Yoga Day

Yoga is one of the ṣaḍdarśanas or one of the six āstika philosophical schools of Sanatana Dharma. The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his UN address suggested the date of 21 June to be celebraterated as World yyoga day because it is the longest day.

3) Promotion of Hindi ,Sanskrit and other regional languages.

Earlier leaders used to speak English in any international conferrence or meeting , Indians also started using English and started considering English as a superior language compared to Hindi.

But BJP led government has started so many initiatives for the developement of Hindi and Sanskrit.

We have seen Narendra Modi speaking in Telugu , Assamese , Gujarati and other languages .

4). Unity of Hindus

Earlier there were a lot of divisons and difference between Hindus themselves because of Caste , language and other such issues. But BJP has tried to unite Hindus under their Governance.

5. Ram Setu

Recently, Prime Minister called some of the cabinet ministers and came to a conclusion that any project damaging Ram Setu won’t be approved.

At last I would like to add that BJP has not done things only for Hindus but also for Muslims as well and the biggest landmark was ban of Triple Talaq.

Answer #2:-

What Modi has given to Hindus are what Congress could not give in their 70 years tenure. Modi has been connecting all the religious places through international standard roads. He has been empowering all the poor at the government cost and is not allowing the people to beg. He is developing Indians to be strong and self reliant. These are some of the improvements he is bringing about.

1. He is empowering rural India so that they don’t convert for a bag of rice (samosa). That’s his one of the biggest services to avoid further damage and deterioration of Hindu population.

2. He has cancelled licenses of NGOs involved in unethical and conversion activities.

3. His govt has pushed to get Col. Purohit and Sadhvi Pragya released, they were arrested in fake cases. Their release punctured the Congress’ Hindu terror narrative.

4. His govt has pushed for abolishing Triple Talaq, one step that even Nehru couldn’t dare to take.

5. Janakpur to Ayodhya connectivity.

6. All weather roads to connect the four Dhams.

7. Pompous celebration of Deepawali at Ayodhya as a symbolic gesture.

8. Got Friday namaz shifted during holi celebrations in UP, breaking the pro-appeasement act of Akhilesh Yadav govt.

9. Fiercely opposed Tipu jayanti celebrations through Karnataka BJP unit.

10. Cleaning up Ganga river, which is symbol of our heritage.

11. Creating several Hindu tourist circuits.

12. Connecting many Hindu temple cities with flights for improved accessibility for larger population to visit.

13. Winning states having non-Hindu majority.

14. His govt has initiated process to send back rohingyas, only to be blocked by SC.

15. Implemented SC order to stop Haj subsidies, equating Hindus and Muslims.

lot has been done but still there are many promises or hopes that PM Modi needs to fulfil.

Here are a few:-

1. Not re-instated Kashmiri Pandits yet.

2. Not reversed RTE mess yet (it’s a long legal battle to undo it).

3. He has not brought back our temple monuments yet.

4. Hasn’t yet taken out govt control from temples (although indicated intentions in Karnataka to do it).

5. Many political murders of Hindus took place in non-BJP states but that’s only because BJP is gaining prominence in those states (has been vehemently condemned at various occasions).

No PM so far has cared for Hindus as much as Modi. While one party tried to tamper with the files to paint Hindus terrorists by arresting peac loving Hindu sanyasins and sanyasinies, and called India as Hindu Pakistan, Modi showcased the Hindu culture and tradition to foreign dignitaries. Congress denigrated Hindus and Modi respected Hindus. This is the difference. This is what he has done to Hindus.