R.I.P. Jagmohan Dalmiya: The Machiavelli of Indian cricket

Jagmohan Dalmiya death image 1

The death of Shri Jagmohan Dalmiya marks an end of an era for Indian cricket as well as for world cricket. Dalmiya was a man of his words and was a true warrior. He was fondly known as the “master of real politik” as well as the “master of comebacks” due to his overall role in Indian & world cricket.

He was an able cricket administrator who changed the dynamics of Indian cricket single- handedly. He was full of wits and a cunning businessman from Kolkata who ended the dominance of England, Australia and New Zealand cricket boards from the international cricket council and made India the main market as well as the main decision maker in the cricketing world. He was responsible for bringing the world cup tournament to India. He has left behind him a legacy of an administrator who challenged the established order in world cricket and won.

Jagmohan Dalmiya death image 1

He made India the new power center of global cricket. When he was the ICC president, he saved it from bankruptcy and made it a profitable organization. He was the pioneer behind ICC Champions Trophy, Asian Cricket Confederation and full member status to Bangladesh. He was also the mastermind behind the 1996 World cup in the subcontinent.

In 1996, the BBC declared him to be one of the world’s top six sports executives. In 2005, he was awarded the International Journal of the History of Sports Achievement award for administrative excellence in global sport.

As an Indian we should feel proud of his achievements. He was a reformist and visionary not only in Indian cricket but also in global cricket.