Rabri Devi claims Nitish Kumar offered Bihar CM post to Tejashwi, wanted himself to be projected as PM candidate

Former Bihar Chief Minister and RJD leader Rabri Devi on Saturday claimed that JD(U) supremo and current CM of Bihar, Nitish Kumar wanted himself to be declared as Prime Ministerial candidate.

Rabri has claimed that JD(U) chief Nitish Kumar sent political strategist Kishor to broker a deal between the two parties. Nitish offered Tejashwi to be named CM candidate in 2020 state Assembly polls and wanted himself to named as PM candidate for 2019 general elections, claimed Rabri Devi.

Earlier on Friday, Rabri had also claimed that Kishor called on her husband Lalu Prasad Yadav to moot the proposal. She added that all of her staff and security personnel were witnesses of Kishor calling at least five times in a day to moot the deal.

“All our staff and the security personnel deployed here are witnesses. He called on us at least five times, mostly here (her 10, Circular Road residence), and one or two times at paanch number (5, Deshratna Marg – the bungalow allotted to her younger son Tejashwi Yadav),” Rabri was quoted by PTI as saying.

It may be remembered that JD(U) left the the Grand Alliance – of which RJD and Congress were part – last year and formed government with the BJP-led NDA alliance