Radio jockey hacked to death in Kerala, friend injured

The killing spree in the Left bastion, Kerala continues unabated. 36 year old Rajesh, a former Red FM RJ, who was seated inside in a studio with his friend was brutally hacked to death by unknown assailants.

A cursory glance at statistics will reveal that Hindus are often the soft target. There is little doubt that most often the deaths are generally a result of political rivalry between the two factions: the Left and the Right.

The brutal methods of crushing opposition is indeed scary. Yet, the murders of Hindus in Kerala, though predominantly political in colour, rarely attracts attention in national media.

This brings us to a larger point of why media often cannot expand their horizons and cover South India. In the past too, we have seen instances when the presumably national media “discovered” Chennai during the floods of 2015 or during a cyclone.

The impunity with which killings in Kerala take place rarely find a mention beyond tweets by some right wing activists on Twitter. Despite the brutal methods of crushing opposition, the lawlessness that one sees in the Left ruled Kerala continues unabated. The otherwise vocal CM, Pinarayi Vijayan, does not think it important to condemn the mass murders.

In the past too, a vicious cycle was unleashed to discredit Narendra Modi, the then Gujarat CM for allegedly spearheading the 2002 Gujarat riots. The contention then was that Modi had blood on his hands and was therefore termed as a mass murderer.

In Gujarat, Hindus and Muslims, both were affected by the riots in 2002 unlike Kerala, where Hindus are mostly targetted. Yet, one wonders why the same set of allegations that were used to denigrate Modi do not apply to Pinarayi Vijayan?

Is it because the CM considers Hindus a lesser breed?

Will the death of Rajesh move the CM to issue a statement is something only time will tell. Until then, the buck stops with the Kerala CM.