Rahul Gandhi ‘Bewafa Hai’ – Kejriwal

What’s happening exactly in Delhi and Harayana between Congress and AAP? Why is Kejriwal picking petals for Rahul Gandhi? Perhaps, if you see carefully, no one wants to join hands with AAP. Kejriwal’s party has no influence beyond Delhi, Harayana and Punjab at all. Unlike last time’s election no Bollywood artists looking for AAP ticket to meet their expenses. Does that mean AAP is falling apart? It’s now an open secret that Kejriwal and his gang has no credibility. Not only many prominent AAP leaders have moved on, it is actually very difficult for Kejriwal to even field candidates in many constituencies – AAP candidate’s Shweta Sharma’s nomination was rejected from Gautam Buddh nagar.

Kejriwal rose to prominence riding on Anna Hazare’s Lokpal demands. I remember how Anna Hazare promoted Kejriwal during that time, he even took Kejriwal to SaReGaMaPa show where he was invited as guest. Anna Hazare introduced Kejriwal there and like always to show off, Kejriwal reached there wearing an over-sized shirt and chappals. Since then, a lot of things has changed except that he still poses with that over-sized shirt and chappals in front of media. He had promised not joined politics but soon founded AAP ignoring Anna Hazare. He had promised not to take alliance from Congress but then joined their hands to come into power. He had promised to work for Delhi but soon resigned to follow his PM dreams only to be washed off by Modi Wave in Varanasi.

People of Delhi mistook his opportunist mindset as his courage and voted him to power yet again and this time with record numbers as he announced freebies and run ads day and night everywhere. Also, one of the biggest factors behind his victory was the polarization of votes. He won immediately after the Lok Sabha when BJP was still celebrating it’s way to throne. They took him lightly and announced Kiran Bedi as their CM candidate days before the election. Also, Delhi being home to liberals, Lutyens and Muslims were in dire search of an alternative to Congress as they did not want a BJP government. They had already seen the potential in Kejriwal in previous election which led AAP to win 67 of 70 seats as all Congress fans shifted their base.

Come 2019 Lok Sabha, Kejriwal wants to bank on the same strategy yet again. However, he is smart enough to not contest Lok Sabha this time because there is no hope for his parties which has lost deposits everywhere else which actually forced AAP to not contest in elections in many state elections too. Leaders of other parties also are aware of this fact hence no one wants to join hands with him. Even if Kejriwal manages to win Delhi Lok Sabha, there is no guarantee that he will not take any U turn and ditch Congress. Hence, there is nothing to lose for Rahul Gandhi if they overlook Kejriwal.

Also, Kejriwal’s demands in Harayana are baseless. Perhaps, there is a possibility that Kejriwal might lose chunks of vote in Delhi too because of few scandals and scams, he had been associated with. Moreover, even after winning Delhi elections, he has not delivered most of the things, he had promised.

He had promised not to use Government Vehicles but went on to buy SUVs, he had promised not to take government bunglows but when on to occupy two of them. He had promised low electricity bills but his own bills are touching lakhs of rupees. He had promised to put Sheila Dixit in Jail but now begging to Rahul Gandhi for alliance. Add to this, the Samosa scam, electric bus scam, ration scam, etc.

His initiative likes Odd-Even cars and Mohalla Clinic have been big flops. His name in ration card scandal had only brought fury against him. Hence, Congress is in no mood to put bet on this dying horse. Till then Kejriwal can continue playing, ‘Rahul loves me, Rahul loves me not’

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